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So You’ve had an Affair…Now What?

Research shows that the probability of someone having an affair in a relationship is very high (between 40 and 76 percent in one study). With almost half of all relationships involving infidelity, you may be wondering what  to do after such an incidence occurs. First, you have to decide if you are going to tell […]

How Pre-Marriage Counseling Saves Marriages

You may wonder how pre-marriage counseling can save a marriage if the couple are not yet married – but it does. Statistics show that where couples have engaged in pre-marriage counseling, their failure rates are almost half the national average. That’s a huge drop in failure rates, but then, if you consider some of the […]

Which Marriages Are Worth Saving?

One of the questions many couples ask, or at least one half of a couple ask, is whether or not their marriage is worth saving. There is a relatively easy answer to that question. Imagine how your relationship was to begin with – do you want that back? If the answer is yes then in […]

Where Has My Marriage Gone Wrong?

The number one question asked of counselors – where has my marriage gone wrong? We wish the answer was as simple as the question. Marriages can go wrong for a lot of reasons. One reason that is hard to fathom is the cop out answer – “we weren’t right for each other”. I call that […]

Online Therapy For Families Split By Distance

We live in a world where families can be split by wide distances. Mom may be at home with a couple of school age children. The eldest child may be away at college, and dad may be off working in some remote corner of the world. Long distance families are difficult to maintain although they […]

Is Your Partner Married To Their Job?

One of the most common complaints that marriage counselors hear is that a partner spends more time at work than they do in the home. While most people do spend more time at work than with their families, there is a difference between ‘normal’ working hours, and extended working hours. If you sleep for the […]

Dr. Marty Tashman – Your Marriage Counselor for New Jersey

I’ve known Dr. Marty Tashman for some time now, and I’m not sure if New Jersey has a more qualified expert for saving troubled relationships. He has been in practice for over 34 years. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as a licensed Social Worker. He has a doctorate in Clinical […]