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Resolving Conflict About Parenting

Differences in parenting ideas can be a major source of conflict for many couples. People often have different views about what strategies work best. They also have different ideas about parenting philosophies in general. Parenting requires a lot of flexibility and parents must learn to adapt to their changing needs. Each child may respond very […]

Kids and Restaurants

Should you take your child(ren) to a restaurant?  Which  restaurant?  When?    Yes, this is a touchy subject.  There was a restaurant in Pennsylvania recently featured in the news that banned kids under 6.  Is this a good idea?  And—what should you do when you take your child(ren) to a restaurant? You need to know your child […]

Is Your Relationship Ready For A Baby?

Becoming a parent is an incredibly joyous experience. It is also a major transitional period for your relationship. A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights the struggle that many new parents experience.  If you are planning to bring a child into your partnership, it’s important to be aware of the changes that will impact your […]

So Your Child is LGBT…

You have just welcomed this beautiful new baby into your life and look forward to its growing up with you. As s/he starts to develop, you’re puzzled by her/his behavior and, sometimes, by the way s/he looks.  You see yourself as a modern parent who believes all children are born innocent.  What should you do? […]

Parenting And Letting Go

You need to let go continuously as your child grows up.  Some thoughts… Being a parent is a constant process of letting go.  Even shortly after birth, the process starts.  You hand your precious newborn to someone else for a second.  Will s/he drop your heir?   Your newborn is crying in her/his crib. You don’t […]

Some Warning Notes About Teens, Alcohol, Drugs, and Meds

A recent tragedy where we live has prompted me to write this post.  A 14- year-old “A” student, a model teenager, had a sleepover at her house with friends just like her.  It seems she brought out some alcohol and they all drank.  All got sick.  She died. You must talk with your teens, especially a […]

Picking the Right Pet for Your Child

Your child or your children are pushing for a pet.  How do you go about choosing the right pet?  Here are some suggestions: There are a lot of first questions. How old is your child?  Children? What does your child want? How big is your house or apartment?  Are there any housing restrictions? Can you […]

After the Split or Divorce…

You just split up.  Aside from financial concerns, children, pets, houses, or plants, and who gets the friends, what can you expect?  How should you behave?  What should you do?  Here are some suggestions. You should expect a certain amount of personal chaos.  You’ve had your life changed and your routines disrupted.  You should expect […]

Wisdom About Teenage Girls

Very recently I heard an interview on the Australian Broadcasting Company with Michelle Mitchell.  She talked about teenage girls—what they think and how parents can best work with them. As you will see, she has researched these girls in Australia, which shows how common these patterns are. I want to share her thoughts with you […]

The Conversation with Your Aging Parent(s)

At some point, you need to talk to your aging parents about everything—their plans, their desires, their assets, their past.  You can’t delay the conversation. Here are some of the topics you need to cover and some tips on how to proceed. You first need to think about your relationships with your parents.  I’m speculating […]

Fighting in Front of the Kids

Everyone’s heard that you “shouldn’t fight in front of the kids.” However, is this really sound advice? Without ever doing so, how do the kids learn how to resolve conflict. Parents always tell kids, “don’t fight with your brother” or “stop fighting with your sister.” Kids are told not to do it and parents don’t […]

Preparing Your Family For A Trip To Another Country

So you’re thinking of taking your family to another country?  What should you do to prepare your kids for this trip?  Let me suggest some ideas for your offspring.  I’m going to try to fit these ideas for kids of different ages.  I will tell you what my wife and I did. If you tell […]

Parenting: Setting The Bar For Appropriate Behavior

Parents, do you know what age appropriate behavior is?  Do you know how to help your teen behave appropriately?  Do you know what kind of activities s/he should be doing?  Do you know how to be effective in enforcing rules?  Here are some suggestions. First, remember you were once a teenager.  Try to remember what […]

Traveling with Younger Kids—Some Ideas

Traveling with younger kids can be a trial.  But the verdict can be favorable to the whole family—here are some tips. For those who can afford it, many newer cars have entertainment centers in the back for children.  Not that the children aren’t already amusing themselves with all sorts of handheld devices, which cost substantially […]

Ensuring Compatibility Prior to Getting Married

Many couples spend countless hours planning their wedding day. However, a lot of those same couples don’t spend nearly as much time planning their marriage together. It is very important for couples to talk about their goals, values, and hopes and dreams prior to getting married to ensure that these will be compatible with their […]

How to Help Your First Child Adjust to the “Newbie”

You’re thinking of having another child.  You are concerned about how this new child will affect your present one.  Here are some tips. First, recognize that the newbie will affect the “oldbie.”  Don’t minimize the challenge s/he faces.  It’s competition for attention and energy and love.  We have two cats. Our older cat is shorthaired; […]

Before Your Child Goes to College

You want your child to go to college.  Assuming the child wants to and there is money available, you should have some good family conversations about what happens next. Here are some tips: First, where should the child go to school?  Research has shown that the child’s choice of college is usually the best guarantee […]

Make Your Loved One’s Funeral Your Observance

Were you left out of a family ceremony? Did you feel slighted, rejected, and totally trashed? Did you have thoughts of rage, contemplating warm and cold revenge? Yes, you should feel upset – but you need to get better. So, here’s a tip. Let’s start with an example. One of my clients has had lifelong […]

Adjusting to the New Baby

You and your partner will go through some profound changes after the baby is born.  Here are some issues to think about and some tips to help both of you. Once you begin to understand the language and needs of the newborn, you will feel more comfortable in dealing with your own changes.  As mentioned […]

First Babies Can Change Your Life!

Planning to have your first child? There are many things you should plan for because that child will change you and your partner’s lives! What I plan to do in this set of postings is to address a series of challenges and how to address them.  The first one is that of the newborn coming home […]