Are Sports Ruining your Marriage? 

Picture this: it’s Sunday. You and your significant other are talking about how to spend the day. He says, “we can do anything until 3pm, then I have to watch the game”. You respond, “But honey, I thought we could spend the day together. Maybe go to the park, or go out to dinner”. “No”, he says, “I have to be here from 3 until 7, and then I have to watch the post game show”. You leave the room quietly, thinking to yourself, “great…another Sunday alone”.

Does the scenario above sound familiar? It could be reversed; perhaps the woman in your life is a bigger sports fan than you are. In all seriousness, though, this does happen, and it makes me wonder: how many of us would rather watch a game on TV then spend quality time with our spouse?

I’m not saying that you can’t watch sports once you’re married. In fact, if you’re both into it, watching the game together could be a great way to bond. However, if one of you isn’t interested in sports at all, and the other is a die-hard fan, there may be problems.

So what’s a sport nut to do? One word: compromise! Decide which games (s) are the most important to watch in the week ahead. If possible, limit it to two. Let your spouse know ahead of time that you’re planning on watching those and when they are. You are compromising on the amount of time you spend glued to the TV, so that the rest of the time can be spent with your sweetie. Make sure that the time not spent watching the game is quality time spent with your spouse. Let her pick an activity the two of you can do together. She will feel better knowing she is going to get your undivided attention, and you will fee better knowing you’ll get to watch your team in peace — without her bugging you to turn it off.

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