Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut 

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut.¬† A couple’s calendar may be filled with the same activities month after month. Maybe each evening looks the same and each weekend looks like the last. Although there is a certain amount of comfort that comes with predictability, it can also become boring.

It takes some effort to spice things up and keep things from becoming boring. Perhaps your week centers around various errands, appointments, and childcare. Maybe you visit the same friends and family members on the weekends. Maybe when you do have a night out you do the same things each time. Perhaps you eat at the same restaurant with the same people.

Find some strategies to help you to have more fun with your partner. You don’t have to elaborate activities or go on expensive vacations. Instead, you can make some of the activities you already do together more fun. Race to get the dishes done. Bake cookies together and create a mess in the kitchen. Fun isn’t just for kids; it can be healthy for adults as well.

Allow for some spontaneous activities in the marriage as well. Often, at least one person in the marriage feels the need to be in control. It can be difficult to allow your spouse control over where you go or what you do. But it can bring some excitement to the relationship. Take turns planning mystery dates and surprise your spouse with an adventure.

Getting out of a rut doesn’t have to be expensive. Try a picnic, gardening, or exercising together. Try to find something that the both of you would enjoy. Even renting a movie or watching a show together can be an option. Reading¬†a book together can also give you something to talk about. Or try to learn a new skill or a hobby together.

Make time for laughing and playing. Do something out of the ordinary and remember simple ideas can be the best. It can help you reduce stress and wards off boredom while allowing you to create happy memories together.

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