How to Respond When Your Spouse Annoys You 

Part of being married to someone means that your spouse will get on your nerves sometimes. Some of their habits are likely to annoy you. How you respond when you feel annoyed, makes a big difference in your marriage.

Something important to remember when you feel annoyed by your spouse is that you annoy your spouse as well. It isn’t possible to live with someone and never feel irritated or annoyed. It’s natural. Keep this in mind and think about how you would like your spouse to respond to you when you behave in an annoying manner.

Don’t focus on the things your spouse does that are annoying. The more time you spend thinking and dwelling on these behaviors, the worse you will feel. It’s also likely to cause you to start viewing your marriage in a more negative light.

Instead, focus on the positive. When you feel annoyed by your spouse, purposely think of three great qualities you appreciate about your spouse. By focusing on the positive, it can help you to have a better overall view of your relationship.

Take note of how you react when you feel annoyed. Do you respond with a harsh tone? Are you guilty of exhibiting any rude behaviors? Perhaps you leave the room in a huff. It’s important to take notice of how your behaviors are contributing to either improving¬† your marriage or damaging it.

Don’t complain to other people about your spouse’s annoying habits. Not only is this disrespectful to your spouse but it is unproductive. Complaining to others only focuses on your negative feelings instead of the positive.

Whether you feel annoyed by your spouse’s bad jokes, poor table manners, or quirky habits, keep things in perspective. Don’t expect your nagging, complaining and whining to lead to changes in your spouse’s behaviors. Instead, these behaviors are likely to annoy your spouse as well. Most people don’t become motivated by nagging. Instead, focus on how you react to your partner and behave in a way that may be influential to partner without trying to force your spouse to change.

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