Keep Your Sense of Humor 

Couples who laugh together often report more positive feelings toward their partner. Humor can actually be quite intimate. Sharing a personal joke together can often make two people feel more connected than ever.

When was the last time you and your partner shared a good laugh together? Sometimes life gets serious and people stop laughing. However, when things become all work and no play, the relationship sometimes seems to go stale.

Laughing impacts people’s emotional well-being and physical health. There’s research that shows it can be a powerful tool to improve your mood and increase your immune system. Find opportunities to laugh with your partner as often as you can.

Watch something funny together. Find a funny movie or television show to watch together. Take a break from reality shows, the news, and dramas and watch something that will make you chuckle. Consider going to a comedy club as well.

Remembering old times and funny incidents can spur some laughter too. Reminisce about funny stories that make you laugh. Look at old pictures that will tickle your funny bone as well.

Spend time with funny people. Do you have friends with a good sense of humor? Or a really funny uncle? Spend time with the people who make you laugh. It can be good for your relationship.

Do something silly together.  When you go shopping, try on something ridiculous just for fun. Do something that you haven’t done since you were a kid. Go sledding, roller skating, swimming, or any other thing that you haven’t done in years. Playing games from your childhood or doing some of the activities you haven’t done in years is likely to make you laugh.

Experiment with something new. Try surfing for the first time. Learn a new language.  Take a class together. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourselves when you try new adventures together.

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  1. Great advise! A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine. This is really what we lack these days, sense of humor, thinking that all things should be done with logic and sense. Get out of the box once in a while and enjoy life together.

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