Be Open to New Ideas and New Experiences 

It’s important to be open to new ideas, new experiences and new adventures during your marriage. If your spouse suggests trying something new, be open minded about it. Trying new things can help you grow together as a couple. People who feel bored with life often make boring partners.

Boredom can be a big problem for many couples. It can make people to feel as though they are “stuck in a rut” as they continue their routines day after day. People often become creatures of habit and their leisure time is often spent doing the same activities over and over.

To prevent boredom, consider trying something new. It’s likely that when you and your spouse were first dating, you were introduced to new things. However, after years of marriage, many couples fall into the same routine.

Maybe you play golf once a month, take the children to sporting events, and spend time visiting family on the weekends. Maybe you do the same thing each Saturday morning, spend holidays doing the same thing, and visit the same vacation spot each year. Although routines and rituals are a good thing, boredom can creep in and cause people to feel dissatisfied with life in general.

If your partner suggests trying something new, don’t just turn it down immediately. Be willing to at least discuss the idea. Maybe surfing lessons don’t sound like something you’d ever be interested in. However, it may be a good way to work on your relationship.

Learning new things together can re-vitalize the marriage in a lot of ways. New adventures may spark some new conversations. It may also bring new life to a relationship.

If you and your partner seem “stuck” in a rut, consider ways to mix things up. Look into time adventures, like hiking a mountain, horseback riding, or volunteering. Or consider taking a new class. Learning something new can together can help you create some great memories while also giving you a sense of accomplishment. Try a yoga class, a cooking class, a computer class, or anything else that might peak your interest.

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  1. Thanks :), I think a lot of relationships end up grinding away in to stagnation. The worst part is, you don’t notice it happening. Good wake up call!

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