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How Putting Your Kids First can be Damaging to Your Marriage

I’m sure a lot of people cringe at the notion that it can actually harm your marriage if you put your kids first. However, there is evidence out there that making the kids your top priority can be problematic for kids, for parents’ mental health, and for the marriage. Unhealthy for Kids When you put […]

Improve Your Marriage by Doing Fun Activities Together

One of the best prescriptions to improve your marriage can be to have some fun together. Although it seems like a simple idea, it can go a long way to improving your marriage. However, many couples report a variety of reasons that prevent them from having fun together. How Fun Activities Can Help Doing fun […]

How Following Your Own Parenting Advice Can Help Your Marriage

Parents offer a lot of good advice to their kids. If more people followed their own advice, it could really help their marriage. A lot of times couples behave quite similarly to squabbling siblings. Take a look at these common tidbits parents frequently offer their kids and see how the same advice makes sense in […]

5 Ways to Help Develop a Relationship with Your In-Laws

Unfortunately, when it comes to in-laws, many people develop the attitude of “they’re not my family so why do I have to get along with them?” However, when you marry someone you really do marry into the whole family. If you love your spouse, it is important to embrace all aspects of your spouse’s life, […]

Every Couple has Problems, but when do we Need Counseling?

Just about every time a couple comes into me for counseling, they probably should have come to see me about a year ago. Usually, the problem they’re coming to see me for started about a year ago and they’re just now coming to see me for it. I used to ask why they waited so […]

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

Our reactions to events are based on core beliefs we’ve developed about ourselves and the world. Based on past experiences, including childhood experiences, people develop these underlying beliefs. People’s underlying beliefs can cause them to incorrectly interpret their partner’s behaviors and can cause marital problems. For example, a husband comes home from work early. One […]

5 Things You Should Discuss and Resolve Before You Have a Child

Having a child will change all aspects of your life, including your marriage. It is important to be on the same page about the changes you will encounter. Discuss these important topics with your spouse to ensure you are on the same page. If you aren’t, consider seeking some professional help prior to having a […]

Celebrate Your Anniversary to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Many couples don’t celebrate their anniversaries. They don’t do much to honor the day beyond saying “Happy anniversary” to one another. However, celebrating your anniversary can actually be very good for your marriage. Most couples put a lot of energy into planning their wedding. They spend a lot of money, invite a lot of people, […]

The Impact of ADHD on a Marriage

Many people mistakenly believe that people outgrow Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, ADHD doesn’t go away when people reach adulthood. Many adults with ADHD report that their symptoms have changed over the years, but haven’t gone away. If you or your partner has ADHD it is important to learn about how it is likely […]

Giving Within the Marriage

Finding a balance of give and take is important in a marriage. Sometimes people give too much and grow resentful. Other times, people take too much, causing their partners to grow weary. It’s important to take stock to ensure that you’re giving enough for the marriage and that you are also giving for the right […]