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Scheduling Down Time is Important to the Marriage

Today’s busy schedules can make some couples feel like they are ships passing in the night. Long work days and activity-filled weekends can make it hard to find quality time together. Scheduling down time can help couples reconnect and focus on their marriage. Why We Need Down Time Being on the go all the time […]

You May Be Getting Older…

I recently watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman again.  It reminded me that we often refuse to recognize that we’re getting older. Consequently, we get into trouble because we refuse to deal with it.  So, if you’re over forty, here are some suggestions: The most important one is to realize that […]

6 of the Most Interesting Research Studies About Love and Marriage

There’s tons of research studies on relationships, love, and marriage. Most of them have one thing in common- they explain how making small changes can make a big difference.  Check out these studies to see how smiling, a kiss before work, and a change in language can make a big difference in your marital satisfaction. […]

Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Right For Your Marriage?

I don’t often recommend a lot of self-help books or seminars to people that come into my office. I find that many of self-help options tend to sound inspirational and encourage change but often don’t make a call to action. This can leave people feeling frustrated when lasting change just doesn’t happen. I think one […]

5 Realistic Expectations About Marriage

When married life doesn’t live up to one’s expectations, dissatisfaction can set in. Often this can lead to a person blaming their spouse for not making marriage everything they hoped it would be. It is often these feelings of disappointment that cause people to feel let down by the reality of marriage. Movies, books, and […]

Factors that Complicate a Second Marriage

Remarriage after a divorce can be even more complicated than marrying for the first time. It’s important to carefully prepare for the obstacles you may encounter in a second marriage. When you enter into your second marriage after becoming divorced, consider how to respond to the complicating factors. Step-Kids Step-children can definitely complicate any new […]

How to Get Your Spouse to Support Your Dream

There are lots of books that have hit the shelves lately that try to inspire people to quit their day job and follow their dreams. Books such as Quitter and the 4-Hour Work Week, encourage people to stop their day job in order to do something they are really passionate about. Although this can be […]

Top 10 Things to Do on a New York City Romantic Getaway

Truly, few cities in the U.S. are more romantic than wild, wonderful New York City. But whether or not you find New York City to be an ideal destination for lovers will largely depend on your preferences for big city versus beach, mountains, or some other off-the-beaten track destination. Some people just aren’t into the […]

Fine Tune Your Skills and Improve Your Marriage

Marriage requires a variety of skills and tools in order for it to be successful. In addition to having the skills and tools, a successful marriage requires a lot of effort and hard work in applying these tools. Just like in any tool box, there will be some tools you use more often than others […]

4 Things You Should Tell Your Marriage Counselor

Every marriage has its ups and downs. If you decide to seek counseling to help you weather some of those “down times,” there are some things you should be prepared to talk about. One of the most important factors that determine success in counseling is your willingness to be honest. Although some subjects may seem […]

Rules for Dealing with Your In-Laws

It’s true what they say – when you marry someone, you really marry the whole family. Get married to someone when you dislike the family and it can lead to many tense and awkward moments. Fights over issues related to extended family can cause some serious marital problems for some couples.  It can be helpful […]

4 Ways to Deal with a Spouse Who Lies

4 Ways to Deal with a Spouse Who Lies Lying can be problematic in a marriage. Sometimes people lie about little things, like what time they arrived home or how the vase got broken. Other times, it is more serious lies about who they were with and what they were doing. Lying can feel like […]

Do Trial Separations Help Couples Reconcile?

Sometimes when the marriage gets rocky, couples agree to a separate for a while. However, the question becomes, does this help marriages or cause more problems? Research shows that in the vast majority of cases, separations do not help couples reconcile but instead, they end in divorce. So make sure to educate yourself first, before […]