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Answers to the Most Common Questions About How to Find a Marriage Counselor

Looking for a marriage counselor can be difficult and at times, downright confusing. And at a time when people are stressed and looking for help, they don’t need to deal with difficulties and confusion. Here are some answers to some of the most common questions asked about how to find a marriage counselor. What sort […]

What Can We Do If We Can’t Afford Marriage Counseling?

Sometimes couples report not being able to afford marriage counseling. It’s unfortunate when money becomes a barrier to treatment, however for many, it’s a reality. But don’t give up if you can’t afford to pay for counseling. There are some strategies to help you find affordable resources that can help your marriage. Check with Your […]

Studies Show Women Cheat Just as Often as Men but for Different Reasons

Historically, men have been considered to be more frequent cheaters than women. However, it looks like modern women are just as likely to cheat on their husbands as men. According to researchers from Indiana University in Bloomington, women cheat at the same rate as men but they report the reasons they cheat are different. Infidelity […]

Do Pre-Marital Jitters Mean You Shouldn’t Get Married?

There’s lots of evidence that many couples experience some pre-marital jitters before tying the knot. However, there’s some new research that suggests couples who have serious jitters are more likely to get divorced. Does this mean couples who get cold feet shouldn’t follow through with the wedding? What Research Shows The Journal of Family Psychology released a […]

How Do you Show Love to Your Spouse?

It’s important to step back sometimes and ask, “How do I show my love to my spouse?” Then it’s equally important to ask, “When I do those things, does my spouse feel loved?” Sometimes there’s a big difference in what people to do show love and what makes their spouse feel loved. What Shows Love? […]

Offering Unsolicited Advice to Your Spouse May Do More Harm Than Good

I work with a lot of people who have the best of intentions when they offer their spouse advice. However, despite their attempts to be well-meaning, it can often blow up in their face. It’s important to recognize when your advice can be helpful and when it may be harmful to the marriage. How it […]

Unhealthy Competition in the Marriage

Sometimes couples begin to look more like squabbling siblings rather than loving partners when they compete with another.  Although healthy competition can be a good thing in other areas of your life, ideally in the marriage, it is best if you can work together as a team without competing against each other. Competition in marriage […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Communication

Communication is the key to a great marriage. However, many couples will say things such as “we don’t communicate well.” Communication is a skill that often needs fine tuning and ongoing practice. As your relationship grows, it is important that you continue to address problems in your communication. Improving your communication can make your relationship […]

The Stress of Parenting Can Negatively Impact a Marriage

Kids don’t cause marital problems. However, the stress caused by parenting can definitely create a rift in a marriage. If parents don’t work together as a team to help alleviate one another’s stress, the rift in the marriage can lead to separation or divorce. Throughout their 18 years of childhood, kids contribute to a lot […]

Behave like You’re Dating Again and Return the Spark to Your Marriage

People often wonder why their relationship loses a spark after being married. However, sometimes if you look at how your behaviors have changed, it becomes evident. People tend to treat one another differently when they are dating compared to once they are married. How Do You Spend Your Time Together? What activities did you do […]