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How Divorce Impacts Children

Sometimes couples considering divorce minimize how much of an impact getting divorced would have on their children. Children of all ages are affected when parents separate and divorce. It can affect their relationships, school and behavior. Although most experts agree that if you’re constantly fighting, staying together for the sake of the children isn’t a […]

5 Ways to Manage the Stress of Being a Two Job Family

Many families can’t afford to have a stay-at-home parent anymore. And some that can afford it, choose not to. Certainly, the idea of being a stay-home-parent doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, when both partners work full-time jobs it can become a challenge. A full schedule can mean less time together, more spare time devoted to […]

Keeping Your Marriage Strong While Parenting a Teenager

Keeping Your Marriage Strong While Parenting a Teenager There are a lot of research studies that indicate couples experience some of the biggest strain on their marriage when they are parenting a teenager. If you have more than one teenager at a time, it can mean double trouble. Or if you have kids spread so […]

The Stress of Parenting Can Negatively Impact a Marriage

Kids don’t cause marital problems. However, the stress caused by parenting can definitely create a rift in a marriage. If parents don’t work together as a team to help alleviate one another’s stress, the rift in the marriage can lead to separation or divorce. Throughout their 18 years of childhood, kids contribute to a lot […]