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11 Common Problems that Marriage Counselors Can Help With

There are lots of reasons that couples may decide to seek help and get marriage counseling. There are some common themes that marriage counselors encounter when couples seek help for their marriage. Most marriage counselors are comfortable addressing and helping couples deal with these problems, but certainly there are many other common marital issues that […]

Can Pre-Marital Counseling Really Help?

When many people think of pre-marital counseling, they envision meeting with their priest, pastor or clergy member prior to getting married. These meetings usually involve discussing the spiritual component of the marriage and may only include on or two meetings. Although there is definitely value to this sort of counseling, pre-marital counseling with a therapist […]

Traditional Marriage Counseling Versus Discernment Counseling

There are certainly other options besides marriage counseling when couples are having problems. And one of these options that has gotten a lot of press lately is discernment counseling. Although some people find discernment counseling to be controversial, many people find it to be a welcomed change from traditional marriage counseling options. What is Discernment […]

What Can We Do If We Can’t Afford Marriage Counseling?

Sometimes couples report not being able to afford marriage counseling. It’s unfortunate when money becomes a barrier to treatment, however for many, it’s a reality. But don’t give up if you can’t afford to pay for counseling. There are some strategies to help you find affordable resources that can help your marriage. Check with Your […]

The Stress of Parenting Can Negatively Impact a Marriage

Kids don’t cause marital problems. However, the stress caused by parenting can definitely create a rift in a marriage. If parents don’t work together as a team to help alleviate one another’s stress, the rift in the marriage can lead to separation or divorce. Throughout their 18 years of childhood, kids contribute to a lot […]

When is it Appropriate to Seek Marriage Counseling?

Most couples don’t ever seek marriage counseling. Even many couples who end up divorcing report that they didn’t seek counseling prior to deciding to end the relationship. There is a lot of confusion about when marriage counseling should be considered. There are lots of times throughout the marriage (and even before) that it could be […]

You May Be Getting Older…

I recently watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman again.  It reminded me that we often refuse to recognize that we’re getting older. Consequently, we get into trouble because we refuse to deal with it.  So, if you’re over forty, here are some suggestions: The most important one is to realize that […]

Every Couple has Problems, but when do we Need Counseling?

Just about every time a couple comes into me for counseling, they probably should have come to see me about a year ago. Usually, the problem they’re coming to see me for started about a year ago and they’re just now coming to see me for it. I used to ask why they waited so […]

What Kinds of Questions Do Marriage Counselors Ask?

Before entering into a counselor’s office, many couples wonder, “What kind of questions do marriage counselors ask?” Often, prior to the initial meeting, anxiety builds as people imagine what the appointment might be like. It can be helpful to be aware of what sorts of questions you might be asked during a marriage counseling appointment […]

Aspies and Romantic Relationships

I’ve written before about a number of issues faced by people with Aspergers.   I’d like to tackle the one about relationships.  I welcome your feedback and I will expand upon what I’m saying in other posts. Temple Grandin wrote in her first book about not wanting to be in a relationship because she missed […]

Adult Kids and You! Part I

There’s been a lot of attention lately abut the relationships between adult kids and their still relatively young parents.  Some “kids” have moved back home because of the poor economy and the high cost of housing.  Other “kids” still need additional monetary support even when working.  I’d like to address some issues not often talked […]

Is Marriage Counseling Right for Us?

Marriage counseling can cover a variety of problems and issues. Many couples ask themselves “Is marriage counseling really right for us?”  A professional counselor can provide you with a complete assessment. Marriage counselors offer feedback and suggestions about treatment options and work with you on establishing goals. It’s important to note that you won’t really […]

Stress and Stressors: What’ll we do?

Allison is facing the death of an aging parent, pressure from work, personal health problems, and loneliness. This is all taking a toll on her in terms of increased anxiety, decreased sleep, and persistent headaches. She wonders just how long she can keep up with all the stress and the stressors coming at her at […]

Importance of Dealing with Childhood Abuse

Although many people who were abused as children want to leave the past in the past, it is important for your marriage that you address childhood abuse. Whether you were physically, sexually, emotionally abused or neglected, it can impact you in lots of ways if it is not dealt with. It can interfere with intimacy, […]

Affordable Marriage Counseling Provides Hope for Couples in Crisis

While marriage counseling has long been a way for couples to reconnect and work out their problems, the cost of marriage counseling frequently scares couples away. The good news is, marriage counseling doesn’t have to cost as much as it did before the recession. The recent economic downturn has created tough financial times which inevitably […]

Asperger’s Syndrome and Adult Work Life

I have posted a number of pieces about children and Asperger’s Syndrome.  The last piece was about children and primary school.  I will be posting additional pieces about secondary school and university. I am writing this piece out of order because of some letters I read. They are from people with Asperger’s and they concern […]

Misconceptions About Counseling

People who have never attending counseling may have some misconceptions about what counseling is. Television shows and movies often portray the Hollywood version of counseling, which is often not accurate. Learning about what counseling is and how it can help can alleviate the anxiety some people experience when considering either individual or couple’s counseling. Counseling […]

Couples Counseling for Parenting Issues

Counseling can help couples dealing with a variety of parenting issues. The stress of raising children can be detrimental to a marriage if the couple struggles with parenting issues. Couples counseling can assist parents in working together and growing closer as they raise their children. Counseling Before Having a Child Just like some couples receive […]

What about the Kids When You Decide to Divorce? Post I

You and your partner have decided to split.  You have kids at home.  What should you be thinking about in terms of their short run, medium run, and long-term needs?  I raise this long question because I hear all sorts of stories as I counsel couples.  I also see children, both kids and adults, who […]

What Kind of Problems Can Marriage Counseling Help With?

Sometimes people consider marriage counseling but don’t follow through with finding a counselor because they are uncertain. They wonder, can marriage counseling help with our problems? Do we really need marriage counseling? It is important to educate yourself about counseling if questions like these are preventing you from attending. Marriage counseling can address a variety […]