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Things to Consider Before You Divorce

For couples who are talking about divorce, it is important that you consider many factors before making a decision. The emotional turmoil related to a strained marriage can make it difficult to think clearly and make a well-considered decision about whether to divorce or stay together. For other couples, the pain of infidelity or grief […]

Expressing Your Needs Clearly to Get Your Needs Met

Sometimes couples become upset with each because their needs are not being met. However, often, the spouse has no idea what the other one needs. Learning how to clearly communicate your needs to your spouse can make a big difference to your marriage and your personal happiness. Avoid Making Assumptions Sadly, many people struggle to […]

Resolving Issues that Arise from one Partner Being a Stay at Home Parent

When one parent decides to become a stay at home parent, there are sometimes marital issues that arise as a result. Arguments often ensue out about household responsibilities, money, and social time. It is important to work together to address with these so that it does not cause serious marital problems. Shared Responsibilities One of […]

Warning Signs that Your Marriage May be in Trouble

It’s important to be on the lookout for warning signs that your marriage may be in trouble. Sometimes couples who feel like divorce could never happen to them are surprised to learn that this just isn’t the case. It is important to recognize red flags that may indicate marital problems so you can address them […]

Problems that Contribute to a Sexless Marriage

Problems that Contribute to a Sexless Marriage Many books and articles have been published recently about the “sexless marriage.” It seems some couples have just accepted that there marriage lacks physical intimacy. If a marriage lacks intimacy, the true joys of marriage aren’t able to be reached. Many couples experience sexual problems at one time […]

Privacy Versus Secrecy in the Marriage

The question of how much to tell your spouse will arise at some point during the marriage. Some people wonder, “Do I need to tell my spouse everything?” Others assume it is healthy to not tell everything all the time. So the question is, what is the difference between privacy and secrecy? And is it […]

Settling Disagreements About How to Raise the Kids

It’s common for couples to disagree over raising the kids. However, these disagreements aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, disagreements about parenting issues can show that you are both involved. What makes the difference in whether or not these disagreements are productive, depends on how you settle them. Arguing about parenting issues isn’t a bad thing. […]

Learning How to Have a Better Marriage Now Through Acceptance

If you were to complete the rest of the sentence, “My marriage would be good if…” what would you say? What sorts of things do you imagine would need to happen before your marriage could be better? It’s important to recognize that you may not need to experience any big changes. Instead, you may be […]

Things to Consider When You Marry a Widow or Widower

Marrying someone whose first spouse passed away is much different than marrying someone who has simply been divorced. It’s important to be aware of your spouse’s needs when entering into a marriage with a widow or widower. Unlike when there’s been a divorce, the first marriage didn’t end because it didn’t work out. Therefore, there are some […]

4 Things You Can Do Every Day To Improve Your Marriage

There are several things you can work on every single day to improve your marriage. Taking small steps each day can help improve your habits. Over time, it can greatly improve the quality of your relationship. The following four areas can be addressed each day and can help you to gain more skills that can […]

A Disney World Second Honeymoon…Without the Kids!

Okay, so you’ve done it with the kids. Maybe you’ve done it 2, 4, 6…a dozen times! Many parents have. But now that it’s time to take a trip for just the two of you, perhaps you might have some hesitation about returning to Walt Disney World without your children (or grandchildren). Put your hesitations […]

How to Add Some Extra Flavor to Your Marriage

It’s a goal for every couple to be happy in their marriage. This often means overcoming hiccups, forgiving past grievances, letting go of each others’ little annoyances, and even doing things for the other that you don’t really want to do (like redecorating the house for her or going to football games with him). Doing […]