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Financial Boundaries Within the Marriage

Boundaries within the marriage are very important to the relationship. Determining what should be kept private between the couple versus what is told to the outside world makes a big impact. Finances are an issue that some people prefer to remain very private about, while other people don’t mind sharing some personal financial information. For […]

Is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Right For Your Marriage?

I don’t often recommend a lot of self-help books or seminars to people that come into my office. I find that many of self-help options tend to sound inspirational and encourage change but often don’t make a call to action. This can leave people feeling frustrated when lasting change just doesn’t happen. I think one […]

How Does Your Job Affect Your Marriage?

How does your employment affect your marriage? Having an enjoyable job can make a big difference in your overall happiness and your marriage. However, there are many circumstances where work can have a negative impact on the relationship. Stress How stressful is your job? For people who experience high stress jobs, it may negatively impact […]