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Can Pre-Marital Counseling Really Help?

When many people think of pre-marital counseling, they envision meeting with their priest, pastor or clergy member prior to getting married. These meetings usually involve discussing the spiritual component of the marriage and may only include on or two meetings. Although there is definitely value to this sort of counseling, pre-marital counseling with a therapist […]

Think Marriage Counseling is Only for Couples with Big Problems? Think Again

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about who can benefit from marriage counseling and how it can be helpful. Marriage counseling doesn’t have to be only for couples with serious problems. Instead, most couples can benefit from counseling at various points throughout their marriage to help ensure their relationship is staying strong. Breaking […]

Factors that Interfere with the Success of Marriage Counseling

There are many factors that can determine whether or not marriage counseling is successful. It leads to many people asking, why does counseling seem to help some people and not others? Counseling is certainly not an exact science. It also isn’t meant to be a miracle ccure for all bad relationships. However, most people do […]

Answers to the Most Common Questions About How to Find a Marriage Counselor

Looking for a marriage counselor can be difficult and at times, downright confusing. And at a time when people are stressed and looking for help, they don’t need to deal with difficulties and confusion. Here are some answers to some of the most common questions asked about how to find a marriage counselor. What sort […]

You May Be Getting Older…

I recently watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman again.  It reminded me that we often refuse to recognize that we’re getting older. Consequently, we get into trouble because we refuse to deal with it.  So, if you’re over forty, here are some suggestions: The most important one is to realize that […]

What Kinds of Questions Do Marriage Counselors Ask?

Before entering into a counselor’s office, many couples wonder, “What kind of questions do marriage counselors ask?” Often, prior to the initial meeting, anxiety builds as people imagine what the appointment might be like. It can be helpful to be aware of what sorts of questions you might be asked during a marriage counseling appointment […]

Aspies and Romantic Relationships

I’ve written before about a number of issues faced by people with Aspergers.   I’d like to tackle the one about relationships.  I welcome your feedback and I will expand upon what I’m saying in other posts. Temple Grandin wrote in her first book about not wanting to be in a relationship because she missed […]

How to Suggest Marriage Counseling to Your Partner

If you are concerned about the state of your marriage, you may have considered seeking marriage counseling. However, approaching your spouse about marriage counseling can be a tricky subject. If your feel like your marriage is already on the rocks, it is important to learn how to broach the subject with diplomacy. Types of Problems […]

Adult Kids and You! Part I

There’s been a lot of attention lately abut the relationships between adult kids and their still relatively young parents.  Some “kids” have moved back home because of the poor economy and the high cost of housing.  Other “kids” still need additional monetary support even when working.  I’d like to address some issues not often talked […]

Excuses People Use to Avoid Marriage Counseling

People offer a variety of reasons for not wanting to go to marriage counseling. It’s important to consider your reasons to determine if there is actually a bigger underlying problem. For example, sometimes people use excuses because they are afraid to change or don’t want to face the facts. But other times, people do genuinely […]

What about the Kids When You Decide to Divorce? Post I

You and your partner have decided to split.  You have kids at home.  What should you be thinking about in terms of their short run, medium run, and long-term needs?  I raise this long question because I hear all sorts of stories as I counsel couples.  I also see children, both kids and adults, who […]

How to Find a Marriage Counselor

Finding a marriage counselor can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There’s lots of different types of counselors and all the initials after people’s names can be confusing. Some people avoid entering into counseling because they don’t know where to start. Counselor credentials include titles such as LCSW (licensed clinical social […]

Parenting: Setting The Bar For Appropriate Behavior

Parents, do you know what age appropriate behavior is?  Do you know how to help your teen behave appropriately?  Do you know what kind of activities s/he should be doing?  Do you know how to be effective in enforcing rules?  Here are some suggestions. First, remember you were once a teenager.  Try to remember what […]

Marriage Counseling Questions

Marriage counseling questions are one of the main ways that a counselor can help you and your partner understand where your issues developed, where they are right now, and how they can be resolved. These questions are designed to assist a couple in addressing their problems and get their relationship back on track. Here are […]

Determining If Marriage Therapy Can Help

Making a decision to start marriage counseling can be a difficult decision for many couples.  Couples can benefit from marriage therapy for a variety of reasons.  Many people wonder if couples counseling is right for them and their situation. Couples Counseling can help couples improve their communication.  Each person can learn skills to increase direct […]

You Don’t Need To Be Married To Seek Marriage Counseling

Modern society enjoys freedoms that our forefathers would not only frown upon, most likely condemn. Living together ‘out of holy wedlock’ is certainly one of those freedoms. It has come at a price, however, as couples who live together without the legal ties of marriage find it much easier to move on if the relationship […]

Should You Give The Big “D” Ultimatum?

What is the big “D” ultimatum? DIVORCE! Should you use the threat of divorce to force change in your partner? Should you use any form of ultimatum when your marriage is heading downhill? The problem with using any form of ultimatum is twofold – the first, it often gets used too often with no follow […]

Do I Really Need A Marriage Counselor?

I’ll be blunt. If you have to ask that question, then in nine out ten situations the answer is yes. If you are having any doubts at all about your marriage, then you really should be talking to someone about those doubts. Ideally, you should be talking to your partner – if you can’t, then […]

How To Find Affordable Marriage Counseling

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, marriage counseling is not that expensive. Sure, you could travel to places like New York and spend thousands on a high profile therapist, but they are the exception, not the norm. There are couples who still struggle to find the money to pay for marriage counseling. That doesn’t mean […]

The Role Of Religion In Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can be a deeply personal experience for some people so placing trust in a marriage counselor can be difficult. Marriage counselors that are based around a religious community – for example, Christian Marriage Counseling – are often able to overcome that barrier. For these individuals, nothing is as deeply personal as their religion, […]