Marriage Counseling Questions 

Marriage counseling questions are one of the main ways that a counselor can help you and your partner understand where your issues developed, where they are right now, and how they can be resolved. These questions are designed to assist a couple in addressing their problems and get their relationship back on track.

Here are some of the typical marriage counseling questions that are used to help a couple explore and better understand their issues:

  1. What issues in the relationship have brought you to marriage counseling?
    Understand that this question will be addressed to each partner in turn, because is is quite likely that an issue for one partner isn’t an issue for another. In order to understand where each other is coming from, couples need to understand what their partner’s issues are. Some of the most common issues include finances, children, communication, infidelity and physical intimacy.
  2. Which of the issues is the most important?
    Again, this question is asked of each partner in turn. One partner may view physical intimacy as their biggest issue of concern, where the other may feel that financial security is the most important issue between them. A counselor will help the couple sort the issues into an order of priority and begin to deal with them in constructive ways.
  3. How do you feel about your spouse’s most important issue?
    Once the issues are out in the open, understanding which is your partner’s most important issue helps put you on the path towards a better understanding of each other and a more productive partnership.
    This is also a wonderful way to get both partners working together again, in the spirit of compromise, to help solve their issues together.

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  1. katherine elder on March 15th, 2012 at 5:08 am

    My husband is no longer having sex with me. And My hormones are running wild. He will not talk about it he just act like it is not happening. What am I to do?

  2. Communication is key. It is definitely important to understand the issues in the relationship in order to solve them. There are many ways a couple can work together to improve the connection and level of communication within their relationship.

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