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How to Suggest Marriage Counseling to Your Partner

If you are concerned about the state of your marriage, you may have considered seeking marriage counseling. However, approaching your spouse about marriage counseling can be a tricky subject. If your feel like your marriage is already on the rocks, it is important to learn how to broach the subject with diplomacy. Types of Problems […]

The Dangers of Minimizing Your Behaviors in Your Marriage

It is important to recognize that minimizing the negative consequences of your behaviors is unhealthy to your marriage. Learning to validate your partner’s feelings and take responsibility for your actions can help resolve a lot of marital problems. However, this requires you to be able to listen to your partner and really hear how your […]

Myths about Arguments

The way people view arguments often has a lot to do with the way they grew up. For example, a person who grew up with a lot of fighting in their home may either think it is normal to argue daily or may go to great lengths to avoid arguments. It is important to note […]

Adult Kids and You! Part I

There’s been a lot of attention lately abut the relationships between adult kids and their still relatively young parents.  Some “kids” have moved back home because of the poor economy and the high cost of housing.  Other “kids” still need additional monetary support even when working.  I’d like to address some issues not often talked […]

Is it Okay to Punish Your Spouse?

When your spouse does something that hurts you or that you don’t like, is it okay to punish your spouse? Although many people might initially say that they wouldn’t ever punish their spouse, if they looked more closely at some of their behaviors, they may discover that they have in fact, attempted to punish their […]

Time-Out as a Tool to Dissolve Anger and Save Your Marriage

Time-out is a simple, yet very effective tool that can help couples manage their conflict in much healthier ways. Learning how to use time-out effectively can help improve the quality of the marriage. It can also prevent damaging the relationship as it assists each person in calming down before they blurt out those hurtful things […]

Keeping Your Marriage Private

Keeping Your Marriage Private Airing out your dirty laundry in your marriage isn’t healthy. In fact, it can be very damaging to your relationship. It’s important to take steps to safeguard your relationship. Some couples just seem to announce to the world all of their issues and problems. It seems like everyone knows the couple’s […]

Dive into a Romantic Holiday in Exotic Dominica

Most people, especially in the U.S., know nothing about the amazing island of Dominica. It’s commonly confused with that other island that has a similar name – the Dominican Republic, a vacation destination that shares land with neighboring Haiti. But Dominica – an island nation in the Lesser Antilles – is not only miles away […]

Sometimes Marriages Get Worse Before They Get Better

Sometimes before the marriage can improve, it has to get worse. This can be a depressing concept for couples who feel like they are only holding on by a thread. Marriage counseling can help a couple navigate these obstacles as they attempt to make changes to improve their relationship. The Marriage Dance Marriage is a […]

Finding Your Purpose In Life Can Improve Your Marriage

Knowing your unique role and feeling like you have a sense of purpose is bound to make you a better partner. Finding deeper meaning in your life can allow your relationship to skyrocket to a new level. However, many people feel as if they have no idea what their purpose in life is. This can leave […]

Is Marriage Counseling Right for Us?

Marriage counseling can cover a variety of problems and issues. Many couples ask themselves “Is marriage counseling really right for us?”  A professional counselor can provide you with a complete assessment. Marriage counselors offer feedback and suggestions about treatment options and work with you on establishing goals. It’s important to note that you won’t really […]

Can a Commuter Marriage Be Healthy?

The idea of voluntarily living apart from your spouse is a relatively new concept. In the past, couples who lived apart were thought to be having relationship problems. The exceptions were for families who were in the military or who were separated by other issues, such as incarceration or jobs that required travel. Many couples today […]

Healthy Versus Unhealthy Anger in a Marriage

Feeling angry isn’t bad. However, the choices you make in expressing yourself when you are angry can make a big difference in the health of your marriage. It is important to determine if you are making healthy or unhealthy choices when you feel angry. Learning how to use your anger to make positive change can […]

Does Your Spouse Challenge You to be your Best?

Does your marriage challenge you to be a better person? Healthy marriages often help people strive to be the best person possible. If you and your spouse aren’t gently helping one another grow, there are some things you can do to help one another. It is a great goal in life to constantly want to […]