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When the Kids Don’t Like Your New Spouse

Getting remarried when you have children can make for a tricky balance. Children sometimes pull away from accepting a new step-parent and it can make things really complicated. Blending two families in real life usually doesn’t go as smoothly as it did on the Brady Bunch. Grief Process for Kids Just like adults, kids need time to […]

10 Common Myths about Long-Term Relationships

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a long-term relationship “should be” like. When people enter into a relationship believing things should be one particular way, they often feel disappointed when their expectations are not met. It’s important to examine truth versus fiction when it comes to the reality of long-term relationships. Myth #1- […]

History, Mystery, and Plenty of Romance on a Trip to Peru

Combining history, intrigue, beautiful natural landscapes, and plenty of man-made fun as well, Peru is a lively and interesting destination for couples who are looking for a unique place to go for a second honeymoon or simply a romantic trip that will allow plenty of time together exploring one of the world’s most interesting destinations. […]

Surprising Ways Your Habits Rub Off on One Another

Often, people think that their habits have little influence on their spouse. However, it looks like your habits may be influencing your spouse more than you think. It also looks like your spouse’s habits may be rubbing off on you more than you know. One example of this can be seen with how spouse’s alcohol […]

Can Pre-Marital Counseling Really Help?

When many people think of pre-marital counseling, they envision meeting with their priest, pastor or clergy member prior to getting married. These meetings usually involve discussing the spiritual component of the marriage and may only include on or two meetings. Although there is definitely value to this sort of counseling, pre-marital counseling with a therapist […]

What Makes a Marriage Good?

If someone asked you what makes a marriage good, what would you say? There are a lot of ideas about what makes for a successful relationship. Some people think it has more to do with how you feel while others think it has more to do with how you treat one another. Judith Wallerstein and […]

Remembering the Good Times Can Improve Your Marriage

Research studies show that people who report the happiest marriages are most easily able to recall how they fell in love with their partner. It appears that spending time recalling the reasons you fell in love can help you stay in love. Take some simple steps to help jog your memory about why you married […]

Honey We Need to Talk…How to Effectively Talk About Serious Issues

When you need to have a serious talk with your spouse, it can be difficult to find the right time, the right place, and the right way to say it. Blurting out “I don’t want your mother to stay with us for a month after the baby is born,” right before you head off to […]

Taking a Time Out Can Help Couples Resolve Conflict

Couples are sometimes resistant to the idea of taking a time out when they experience a heated conflict. However, research shows that time outs can be an effective strategy. Learning how to structure a time out can help couples make it an effective tool. Concerns about ‘Walking Away’ Sometimes couples don’t want to walk away […]

Traditional Marriage Counseling Versus Discernment Counseling

There are certainly other options besides marriage counseling when couples are having problems. And one of these options that has gotten a lot of press lately is discernment counseling. Although some people find discernment counseling to be controversial, many people find it to be a welcomed change from traditional marriage counseling options. What is Discernment […]