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A Trip to the Grand Canyon means Fun, Romance, and Adventure

If you’ve spent any time in America’s National Parks, you probably know that each and every one of them has something special to offer, from amazing history to natural formations that’ll blow your mind. Everyone has their own favorite National Park, and usually for a variety of reasons, but ask just about anyone who’s visited […]

History, Mystery, and Plenty of Romance on a Trip to Peru

Combining history, intrigue, beautiful natural landscapes, and plenty of man-made fun as well, Peru is a lively and interesting destination for couples who are looking for a unique place to go for a second honeymoon or simply a romantic trip that will allow plenty of time together exploring one of the world’s most interesting destinations. […]

Top 10 Things to Do on a New York City Romantic Getaway

Truly, few cities in the U.S. are more romantic than wild, wonderful New York City. But whether or not you find New York City to be an ideal destination for lovers will largely depend on your preferences for big city versus beach, mountains, or some other off-the-beaten track destination. Some people just aren’t into the […]

Experience the Beauty, Excitement, and Romance of Western Canada on a Vancouver Second Honeymoon

Like the United States, Canada is diverse from end to end. In the Maritime Provinces, there’s a kind of ruggedness that comes from living near the North Atlantic. Then there’s the French-ness of places like Quebec City and Montreal, the urban atmosphere of Toronto and Ottawa, the rough-and-tumble Calgary, and – finally – there’s Vancouver. […]

A Disney World Second Honeymoon…Without the Kids!

Okay, so you’ve done it with the kids. Maybe you’ve done it 2, 4, 6…a dozen times! Many parents have. But now that it’s time to take a trip for just the two of you, perhaps you might have some hesitation about returning to Walt Disney World without your children (or grandchildren). Put your hesitations […]

Dive into a Romantic Holiday in Exotic Dominica

Most people, especially in the U.S., know nothing about the amazing island of Dominica. It’s commonly confused with that other island that has a similar name – the Dominican Republic, a vacation destination that shares land with neighboring Haiti. But Dominica – an island nation in the Lesser Antilles – is not only miles away […]

No Place Says “Romance” Like Venice, Italy!

You’ve seen the photos. You’ve heard the stories about moonlit gondola rides through the canals and hand-in-hand strolls down dimly lit streets surrounded by grand buildings that speak of a rich and sometimes tumultuous history. But unless you’ve been to Venice, you don’t really understand the feeling you get when you cross the Bridge of […]

Experience the “New” Berlin on a Second Honeymoon to Germany’s Capital City

If Europe is on your itinerary for a second honeymoon but you prefer to pass on the major tourist towns like London, Rome, and Paris, why not ponder a destination that’s considered one of the up-and-coming hot spots on the continent? Berlin, Germany’s capital, is becoming more and more popular with visitors to Europe. It […]

A Romantic Rendezvous in the City by the Bay

Most travel experts agree…no American city is more romantic than San Francisco. Since 1954, when singer Tony Bennett proclaimed the fact that he “left his heart” in the hilly city by the Bay, flocks of couples have been making their way to this Northern California destination, intent on sharing some memorable moments with each other. […]

Siesta Key: A Second Honeymoon that Won’t Break the Bank

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of whisking your partner away to a sun-drenched beach covered with cool white sands; a watery expanse trimmed by swaying palm trees and not too many people. But after shopping various travel sites, maybe you’ve decided that destinations that fit that particular description are simply too costly for your limited budget. […]

Second Honeymoon Adventure Abounds in Exciting Costa Rica

Blessed with beautiful tropical beaches, unique ecosystems, active volcanoes, rolling rivers, and enough adventure to keep even extreme vacationers happy, Costa Rica has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of the twenty-first century. A few decades ago, however, most travelers probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Situated below Nicaragua – a […]

Head to Belfast, Ireland for a Fun and Exciting Second Honeymoon

It’s interesting how travel to a new and exciting destination can put the spark back into your relationship. The ability to easily explore new destinations and learn about other cultures is a true gift of living in this century and couples who embark on adventures together – even adventures that cost little – often report […]