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The Four Main Components of a Healthy Marriage

There are many aspects to any relationship.  A healthy marriage should contain four main components that establish the foundation of the marriage.  A firm foundation is essential for the stability and growth of the relationship over time. Business Component There’s a business component to a marriage that can often make or break a relationship. The […]

To Hold a Grudge or Not?

Most experts and articles always recommended forgiveness. They advise not to hold onto a grudge but instead, to forgive and forget. They say, “Don’t hold a grudge, it’s not good for you.” However, believe it or not, there’s actually some research out there that suggests holding a grudge isn’t so bad after all.   Arguments […]

Disney World WITHOUT the Kids: The Perfect Romantic Destination

Okay, so you’ve done it enough. You’ve been to Walt Disney World more times than you can count and you swore that now that the kids are grown, you’d never go back again. You’ve had enough of Mickey’s annoying voice, parents who drag their screaming, unwilling 3-year-olds on the Haunted Mansion ride, that nauseating Small World song that just plays over […]

Working Together to Set Boundaries with Adult Children

If you have adult children who frequently ask for favors or depend on you for help, it can take a toll on your marriage. It’s important to work together with your spouse on setting healthy boundaries for your marriage. There are some steps you can take safeguard your relationship, maintain your sanity and protect your […]

5 Ways to Manage the Stress of Being a Two Job Family

Many families can’t afford to have a stay-at-home parent anymore. And some that can afford it, choose not to. Certainly, the idea of being a stay-home-parent doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, when both partners work full-time jobs it can become a challenge. A full schedule can mean less time together, more spare time devoted to […]

Curbing Your Criticism

Being critical of your spouse can actually lead you onto a short path to divorce. The Gottman Relationship Institute has done years of research on ways to make relationships healthier and they report that criticism is one of the biggest problems in relationships. It appears that husbands who feel criticized by their wives are especially […]

Think Marriage Counseling is Only for Couples with Big Problems? Think Again

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about who can benefit from marriage counseling and how it can be helpful. Marriage counseling doesn’t have to be only for couples with serious problems. Instead, most couples can benefit from counseling at various points throughout their marriage to help ensure their relationship is staying strong. Breaking […]

Myths about Money and Marriage

There’s a lot of misconception about money and marriage. It can certainly be a source of contention for many couples. Getting a handle on your finances and working together as a team can make a big difference in the health of your marriage. Here are some of the biggest myths about money that should be […]

Changing Bad Habits Can Improve Your Marriage

It’s possible to get into the habit of having bad habits! As strange as that sounds, it can be easy to sink into a rut. Bad habits tend to come in bunches and it can be hard to get out of them. However, changing your bad habits can help you change your marriage. How Bad […]

Factors that Interfere with the Success of Marriage Counseling

There are many factors that can determine whether or not marriage counseling is successful. It leads to many people asking, why does counseling seem to help some people and not others? Counseling is certainly not an exact science. It also isn’t meant to be a miracle ccure for all bad relationships. However, most people do […]

Dealing with a Spouse’s Declining Health

When your spouse’s health starts to decline, it can be very difficult for the both of you. Whether your spouse has developed a chronic illness or disability early in life or it is just part of the normal aging process, declining health will greatly impact your relationship. There are some steps you can take to […]

What Makes you Hard to Live With?

People often look at their spouse’s quirks and characteristics that make the other person hard to live with without taking a peak at their own qualities. Sometimes, it’s a good thing to ask yourself, “Am I hard to live with?” Gaining some insight into your on quirks can go a long way in helping you […]