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10 Strategies to Improve Your Intimacy in the Marriage

Emotional intimacy is important part of keeping a marriage healthy. When a couple increases their intimacy, they often find their communication improves and their conflict decreases. It’s never too late to start trying to work on your intimacy. Follow these strategies to help improve the intimacy in your marriage. Schedule a Date Night Date nights […]

Studies Show Women Cheat Just as Often as Men but for Different Reasons

Historically, men have been considered to be more frequent cheaters than women. However, it looks like modern women are just as likely to cheat on their husbands as men. According to researchers from Indiana University in Bloomington, women cheat at the same rate as men but they report the reasons they cheat are different. Infidelity […]

Internet Pornography and Sexualized Behaviors Can Damage Marriages

Technology has allowed easy and free access to pornography. Many people who would not purchase pornography if they had to do so in a public place feel free to access it in the privacy of their own home. There have been numerous studies on how the increase in pornography has been damaging. Marriages can be […]

Making Your Bedroom a Romantic Retreat

Sometimes the demands of bills, work, and children can take a toll on the romance in a marriage. Making sure your bedroom is a romantic retreat to escape all the stressors of everyday life can be helpful to the health of your marriage, including your sexual intimacy. A few simple steps can help ensure that […]

Problems that Contribute to a Sexless Marriage

Problems that Contribute to a Sexless Marriage Many books and articles have been published recently about the “sexless marriage.” It seems some couples have just accepted that there marriage lacks physical intimacy. If a marriage lacks intimacy, the true joys of marriage aren’t able to be reached. Many couples experience sexual problems at one time […]

Early Puberty—Boys

Several posts ago I wrote about the effects of early puberty on girls.  This post is about the effects of early puberty on boys.  I have included some suggestions. More and more, boys are experiencing early puberty.  I have worked with boys as young as nine going through this phase.  There are many reasons for […]

Improve Your Habits and Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage

After a few years of seeing your spouse everyday, you might not experience the same sexual spark of excitement that you used to experience when you were dating. It is normal for some of this to fade over time as your brain chemistry actually changes when you first fall in love. When your brain chemistry […]

Early Puberty for Girls

Many scientists, clinicians, and social observers have seen a rise in children—both girls and boys– going through puberty at an early age.  It used to be that puberty happened around 12-15. Better health and food has accounted for some of these changes.  Other causes are less easy to figure out.  For a parent and a […]

Dealing with Sexual Problems in the Marriage

There are lots of sexual problems that a couple may face. The most common concern is that for at least one partner, sexual activity isn’t frequent enough. This can lead to a lot of feelings and can cause other marital problems. It is very important that a couple address sexual problems. Avoiding it will only make it […]

Putting Sex on a Pedestal – Video by Dr. Deb

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Lack of Sexual Desire

Lack of sexual desire can be caused by several different factors. Physical health problems, mental health problems, and substance abuse are some of the most common reasons people lack sexual sexual desire. Lack of sexual desire can be very damaging to a marriage so it is important to explore what the causes may be. Some […]

How Anger and Resentment Can Cause Sexual Problems

When people become dissatisfied with the relationship and they don’t address their frustrations, resentment can build. This resentment can quickly turn to anger. When people become angry and resentful, it creates a new set of problems for the marriage. When people feel angry and resentful, the last thing they often want to do is engage […]

What Makes You Feel Loved?

Have you ever stopped to think what it is that makes you feel loved? Many people know whether or not they feel loved but don’t spend much time reflecting on what that actually means. It is important to recognize what actually makes you feel loved by your partner and then communicate this to your spouse. […]

Is Your Relationship Ready For A Baby?

Becoming a parent is an incredibly joyous experience. It is also a major transitional period for your relationship. A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights the struggle that many new parents experience.  If you are planning to bring a child into your partnership, it’s important to be aware of the changes that will impact your […]

Where’s The Sex?

Do we all have the same sex drives throughout our lives?  What happens when we’re a couple and one person wants more sex?  What happens when one person no longer wants sex?  These are crucial issues for each person and for both people inside the relationship.  Let’s proceed carefully, with sensitivity. Begin with one person […]