How Anger and Resentment Can Cause Sexual Problems 

When people become dissatisfied with the relationship and they don’t address their frustrations, resentment can build. This resentment can quickly turn to anger. When people become angry and resentful, it creates a new set of problems for the marriage.

When people feel angry and resentful, the last thing they often want to do is engage in any sort of physical relationship. Then when physical intimacy declines, it causes even more marital problems. This cycle of anger and resentment and lack of intimacy can lead to the dissolution of a marriage.

It’s important to learn how to deal with your frustrations to prevent yourself from building resentment. Talk to your partner about your feelings. Make changes for yourself so you can live the most healthy life you possibly can, even if your partner doesn’t behave the way you wish.

Remember that as part of your commitment to your partner, you promised to be faithful. If you expect your partner to remain faithful to you as well, it is necessary to fulfill your partner’s sexual needs. It is important to be available to one another sexually.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be submissive to your partner all the time. It’s important that both of you are able to get your needs met. If you are sick, have had a horrible day, or are too tired, it’s important to talk to your partner.

If you and your partner are struggling to get your needs met sexually, consider therapy. Many people are too embarrassed to consider therapy for sexual problems. However, sexual problems, such as different needs or different values, can be a big problem for the marriage.

If you are holding on to resentment and anger, it’s important to recognize the root cause. Then it’s essential to make the decision if you want to address this or not. It may require some therapy to help you to let go of anger and frustration. Couples counseling may also be needed to help you decide how both of you can get your needs met in the future.

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