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Should You Lend Money to Family and Friends?

If you’ve managed to be the “go to couple” when people need money, the good news, it means you are likely good with your money. Responding to friends and family members who ask to borrow money can be a sticky situation. It can be difficult to say no when someone asks you for money.  Money […]

3 Healthy Boundaries to Set With Your Parents After You’re Married

Parents and in-laws can play a big role in marital satisfaction. The boundaries you set, or don’t set, will impact your relationship in many ways. A lack of boundaries can certainly cause a lot of marital strife and sadly, can lead to divorce. There are lots of reasons why people don’t set boundaries with their […]

When the Kids Don’t Like Your New Spouse

Getting remarried when you have children can make for a tricky balance. Children sometimes pull away from accepting a new step-parent and it can make things really complicated. Blending two families in real life usually doesn’t go as smoothly as it did on the Brady Bunch. Grief Process for Kids Just like adults, kids need time to […]

Working Together to Set Boundaries with Adult Children

If you have adult children who frequently ask for favors or depend on you for help, it can take a toll on your marriage. It’s important to work together with your spouse on setting healthy boundaries for your marriage. There are some steps you can take safeguard your relationship, maintain your sanity and protect your […]

How to Set Boundaries with Adult Children

Setting Boundaries with Adult Children Adult children can actually wreak more havoc on your marriage than young children sometimes. When parents disagree on how much support to offer their adult children, it can result in feelings of hurt, anger, and resentment.

You May Be Getting Older…

I recently watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman again.  It reminded me that we often refuse to recognize that we’re getting older. Consequently, we get into trouble because we refuse to deal with it.  So, if you’re over forty, here are some suggestions: The most important one is to realize that […]

Factors that Complicate a Second Marriage

Remarriage after a divorce can be even more complicated than marrying for the first time. It’s important to carefully prepare for the obstacles you may encounter in a second marriage. When you enter into your second marriage after becoming divorced, consider how to respond to the complicating factors. Step-Kids Step-children can definitely complicate any new […]

Rules for Dealing with Your In-Laws

It’s true what they say – when you marry someone, you really marry the whole family. Get married to someone when you dislike the family and it can lead to many tense and awkward moments. Fights over issues related to extended family can cause some serious marital problems for some couples.  It can be helpful […]

How Following Your Own Parenting Advice Can Help Your Marriage

Parents offer a lot of good advice to their kids. If more people followed their own advice, it could really help their marriage. A lot of times couples behave quite similarly to squabbling siblings. Take a look at these common tidbits parents frequently offer their kids and see how the same advice makes sense in […]

5 Ways to Help Develop a Relationship with Your In-Laws

Unfortunately, when it comes to in-laws, many people develop the attitude of “they’re not my family so why do I have to get along with them?” However, when you marry someone you really do marry into the whole family. If you love your spouse, it is important to embrace all aspects of your spouse’s life, […]

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

Our reactions to events are based on core beliefs we’ve developed about ourselves and the world. Based on past experiences, including childhood experiences, people develop these underlying beliefs. People’s underlying beliefs can cause them to incorrectly interpret their partner’s behaviors and can cause marital problems. For example, a husband comes home from work early. One […]

5 Things You Should Discuss and Resolve Before You Have a Child

Having a child will change all aspects of your life, including your marriage. It is important to be on the same page about the changes you will encounter. Discuss these important topics with your spouse to ensure you are on the same page. If you aren’t, consider seeking some professional help prior to having a […]

What to do if Your Spouse Doesn’t do Chores

Someone might say, “no one gets divorced because their spouse didn’t take out the garbage.” Well, actually they do. One of the biggest sources of conflict, along with finances, is household responsibilities. When people don’t feel their spouse is doing their fair share, it can lead to a lot of marital problems. When one spouse […]

Aspies and Romantic Relationships

I’ve written before about a number of issues faced by people with Aspergers.   I’d like to tackle the one about relationships.  I welcome your feedback and I will expand upon what I’m saying in other posts. Temple Grandin wrote in her first book about not wanting to be in a relationship because she missed […]

Settling Disagreements About How to Raise the Kids

It’s common for couples to disagree over raising the kids. However, these disagreements aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, disagreements about parenting issues can show that you are both involved. What makes the difference in whether or not these disagreements are productive, depends on how you settle them. Arguing about parenting issues isn’t a bad thing. […]

Adult Kids and You! Part I

There’s been a lot of attention lately abut the relationships between adult kids and their still relatively young parents.  Some “kids” have moved back home because of the poor economy and the high cost of housing.  Other “kids” still need additional monetary support even when working.  I’d like to address some issues not often talked […]

Children with Asperger’s and High School

I’ve written a number of posts about helping children and adults with Asperger’s.  These are some thoughts about the high school period. High school can be especially challenging for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Like other students, an Aspie has to change classes regularly during the day and throughout the school year.  She or he can […]

Should You Put Your Marriage Before Your Kids?

Many couples live in a world that is completely child-centered. Their relationship revolves around the childrens’ needs and activities. Of course, it is great to see a couple working together to raise a family. However, some couples fall into the trap of making their entire marriage only about the children. There is research that shows […]

Asperger’s Kids and High School-Organizational Issues

In several posts I talked about kids with Asperger’s. I want to look at the issues kids face in High School and some suggestions for helping them. Your child will face many challenges in High School.  One major challenge is that s/he will go to many more different classes and activities.  Aspies often do not […]

Children with Asperger’s and Middle School

I’ve written several posts about working with younger children in the early grades of primary school.  I’d like to talk about Asperger’s kids and the middle school years. To refresh your memory, the period between around seven and puberty is called latency.  (I deliberately left out when puberty starts.  I will explain that shortly, and […]