Marriage Self Help

If you’re not quite ready to engage one on one with a live person for help with your marriage, there are quite a few self help programs available that focus on repairing marriages. Read a few of our reviews to get acquainted with their offerings.

Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness: Best Program of 2011

The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot CampThere are many marriage counseling alternative self-help programs on the market these days, and I’ve been fortunate enough to review nearly all of them. The one I like the best so far is Mort Fertel’s “Marriage Fitness,” so I’ve decided to name it the “2011 Best Marriage Self Help Program.”

One of the things I like best about Marriage Fitness is that it doesn’t cost anything to get started and see if the program is right for you. Simply go to Mort’s website, sign up for his newsletter and take the free marriage assessments. The assessments are short, and taking them will help to identify key problem areas in your marriage that typically affect troubled marriages.

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Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s Program for Surviving an Affair

Self-help programs can be a useful adjunct to therapy. I was recently introduced to a unique 7 step program by Dr. Frank Gunzburg that I felt compelled to introduce to readers of The Marriage Counseling Blog.

Dr. Frank Gunzburg is a marriage counselor who has devoted his life to helping couples survive affairs by quickly getting down to the REAL issues that matter.

In his 31 years of experience working in the trenches with couples, he has detected some remarkably consistent patterns that have caused affairs to happen (after all, isn’t it important to know WHY it happened in the first place so you can prevent it from happening again?)

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