Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness: Best Program of 2011 

The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot CampThere are many marriage counseling alternative self-help programs on the market these days, and I’ve been fortunate enough to review nearly all of them. The one I like the best so far is Mort Fertel’s “Marriage Fitness,” so I’ve decided to name it the “2011 Best Marriage Self Help Program.”

One of the things I like best about Marriage Fitness is that it doesn’t cost anything to get started and see if the program is right for you. Simply go to Mort’s website, sign up for his newsletter and take the free marriage assessments. The assessments are short, and taking them will help to identify key problem areas in your marriage that typically affect troubled marriages.

As soon as you enter your name and email address, you will be sent an introductory email that provides a link to the assessments. They cover 5 main areas that troubled marriages typically show problems in:

  1. Priority – areas that describe how you prioritize your spouse.
  2. Knowledge of Your Spouse – how well do you know your spouse?
  3. Giving Patterns – how much time and energy do you put into your relationship and showing your spouse that you care?
  4. Decision Making – how much do you include your spouse in decisions you are responsible for?
  5. Fidelity – how much of your behavior contributes to infidelity?

Once this is done you will get a score and evaluation of your responses. Free advice will continue to stream into your mailbox on a regular basis, but even more benefit can be gained from purchasing the actual Marriage Fitness programs. Marriage Fitness is comprehensive and covers all of the areas discussed in the assessments.


There are a few different programs available, but the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp is by far the most thorough solution to fixing marriage problems. Tele-Boot Camp provides:

  • 7 live Tele-Seminars hosted by Mort Fertel
  • A 1-on-1 Private Phone Session with Mort Fertel
  • A Complete 15 CD Audio Learning System
  • The Complete Marriage Fitness Workbook & Personal Journal
  • 3 live Q&A Teleconferences hosted by Mort Fertel
  • 7 “Homework” Assignments
  • A 7-Week Implementation Schedule
  • Access to the Members-only Web Site

For those on a tighter budget, Mort also offers the Marriage Fitness audio learning program which can be had for under $100.

Mort’s programs provide real life solutions to many of the common problems that plague marriages, and these programs can be use in conjunction with traditional marriage counseling or on their own. They have even been shown to help spouses whose partner is not willing to work on the marriage. Here are some of the common problems that Marriage Fitness is designed to remedy:

  • Infidelity
  • Broken Trust
  • Threats of Divorce
  • An Obstinate Spouse
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Money Conflicts
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Separation
  • Poor Communication
  • Lack of Sex
  • Much, Much More…

Mort’s program is full of simple, helpful suggestions that anyone can put to work in their life by applying the principles he promotes. I urge you to give it a try by signing up for the free assessments today.

4 Responses to “Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness: Best Program of 2011”

  1. Mort-short version:
    1* the ONLY thing I can change is ME!
    2* there are no guarentees
    3* this work might help restore my marriage-might not
    4* this work Will make me a better person. If my present marriage fails, I will be a better man for my next one!

    5* you cannot comprehend the immense power of forgiveness and how years from now its power grows.

  2. Mort, I appreciate your advice, and I thank you. I think it is to late to save my marriage. He has already been with another woman. It didn’t take him long we have only been seperated a week. Thanks again, Nancy

  3. Lisa G, Seattle, WA on November 2nd, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I am really enjoying the program. I have learned so much about myself. I wish I would have discovered this program a long time ago, I would not be in my current situation. I am fighting to save my marriage. I thought that if my husband was not on board it would never work, this program has taught me that it only takes one to transform a marriage and I believe it. I am very scared that my husband will never come back to me but I will NEVER give up hope. He is the most important person in the world to me. I am working to show him every day that I am a changed person and I am dedicated to make our marriage work for the rest of our lives. If anyone reading this wants a better marriage or is working to save their marriage I highly recommend this program

  4. I do not have 7 weeks. I only have now four days until his final divorce court hearing. I just learned about Mort Fertel program 12 days ago. I subscribed to the emails and read several testimonials how marriages are saved in weeks and through this program. How can I change my husband mind to stop his day in court and then work on our marriage????? I want my marriage to be loving, happy and fun to start… rekindle what ande had when were started. help me

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