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How Do You Determine the Health of Your Marriage?

Have you ever considered how to determine how good or healthy your marriage is? There isn’t a lab test or a thermometer that gives you a reading to tell you how you are doing. So, how do people know if their marriage is healthy or not? Unfortunately, for some people, they have no idea what […]

5 Signs that You May Have an Anger Problem

Anger isn’t a bad emotion. However, the behaviors that people exhibit when they feel angry can make it a problem. Anger problems are at the root of many marital issues. Sometimes people aren’t aware that their anger is a problem (but often others around them are). The extent of an anger problem can be based on the intensity and […]

Emotions are Contagious: What Does this Mean for Your Marriage?

Emotions can actually be like a bad cold. Spend enough time with others, and you’re likely to catch whatever they have (or feel). It’s important to take a look at how this can impact your relationship. What the Research Says For decades researchers have been studying how our emotions rub off on others. What they’ve […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Communication Patterns

When it comes to a couple’s communication, habits are formed and patterns are created. It can be difficult to change these patterns once they are set. However, when patterns are unhealthy, it can make marital satisfaction decline quickly. Unhealthy communication patterns can lead to a lot of hurt, anger, misunderstanding and unresolved conflict. Whether a […]

Don’t Allow Electronics to Interfere with Your Marriage

We’re living in an age where we have electronic tools that were only dreamed about by past generations. Things we never thought possible have become part of our everyday lives. Within the past 15 years, the technological advances available to us have skyrocketed so fast that most of us can’t keep up. Many of these […]

How Much Time do you Devote to Your Marriage?

How much of your time goes toward working on your marriage? It can be a hard question to answer. And more importantly, how much time is enough? Taking a look at your time management skills can be very helpful to your marriage, as well as other aspects of your life. Managing the demands of day […]

10 Common Myths about Long-Term Relationships

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a long-term relationship “should be” like. When people enter into a relationship believing things should be one particular way, they often feel disappointed when their expectations are not met. It’s important to examine truth versus fiction when it comes to the reality of long-term relationships. Myth #1- […]

Remembering the Good Times Can Improve Your Marriage

Research studies show that people who report the happiest marriages are most easily able to recall how they fell in love with their partner. It appears that spending time recalling the reasons you fell in love can help you stay in love. Take some simple steps to help jog your memory about why you married […]

Taking a Time Out Can Help Couples Resolve Conflict

Couples are sometimes resistant to the idea of taking a time out when they experience a heated conflict. However, research shows that time outs can be an effective strategy. Learning how to structure a time out can help couples make it an effective tool. Concerns about ‘Walking Away’ Sometimes couples don’t want to walk away […]

To Hold a Grudge or Not?

Most experts and articles always recommended forgiveness. They advise not to hold onto a grudge but instead, to forgive and forget. They say, “Don’t hold a grudge, it’s not good for you.” However, believe it or not, there’s actually some research out there that suggests holding a grudge isn’t so bad after all.   Arguments […]

5 Steps to Build Trust in a Marriage

Building trust takes time; however, losing trust only takes an instant. It is important to work on continually building trust in the marriage in order to have a healthy, happy relationship. If you’ve ever lost trust, re-building it takes time and energy. Learn how to build lasting trust in your relationship. 1. Spend Quality Time Together […]

What is Acceptable During a Fight?

In every marriage, it is important for couples to determine what is acceptable and what isn’t during a fight. Often people have different sorts of limits of what they find to be acceptable and the different beliefs about what is acceptable and what isn’t can lead to a lot of anger and hurt if it […]

Financial Boundaries Within the Marriage

Boundaries within the marriage are very important to the relationship. Determining what should be kept private between the couple versus what is told to the outside world makes a big impact. Finances are an issue that some people prefer to remain very private about, while other people don’t mind sharing some personal financial information. For […]

Do Pre-Marital Jitters Mean You Shouldn’t Get Married?

There’s lots of evidence that many couples experience some pre-marital jitters before tying the knot. However, there’s some new research that suggests couples who have serious jitters are more likely to get divorced. Does this mean couples who get cold feet shouldn’t follow through with the wedding? What Research Shows The Journal of Family Psychology released a […]

Offering Unsolicited Advice to Your Spouse May Do More Harm Than Good

I work with a lot of people who have the best of intentions when they offer their spouse advice. However, despite their attempts to be well-meaning, it can often blow up in their face. It’s important to recognize when your advice can be helpful and when it may be harmful to the marriage. How it […]

Behave like You’re Dating Again and Return the Spark to Your Marriage

People often wonder why their relationship loses a spark after being married. However, sometimes if you look at how your behaviors have changed, it becomes evident. People tend to treat one another differently when they are dating compared to once they are married. How Do You Spend Your Time Together? What activities did you do […]

2 Steps to Increase Your Loving Feelings Toward Your Spouse

Ever heard a person say that they just “fell out of love?” When you hear someone say that do you think “Oh that can happen?” Or do you think something more like, “That’s too bad they didn’t work hard enough?” The truth is, love isn’t something that just happens on its own. It also doesn’t […]

The Dangers of Spying and Snooping on Your Spouse

Spying and snooping on your spouse can create a lot of marital discord. However, many people admit that they frequently check up on their spouse’s activities! It’s important to take a look at the damage that your behaviors may be causing to the relationship if you find yourself spying  on your spouse. What constitutes spying? […]

How Going to Bed Angry can Actually be Good for Your Marriage

There’s some age old advice that a couple should “never go to bed angry.” However, this may not be the best the advice. In fact, going to bed angry can actually be quite helpful to the marriage as opposed to staying up and resolving the issue right then and there. Emotions and Thoughts The more […]

Scheduling Down Time is Important to the Marriage

Today’s busy schedules can make some couples feel like they are ships passing in the night. Long work days and activity-filled weekends can make it hard to find quality time together. Scheduling down time can help couples reconnect and focus on their marriage. Why We Need Down Time Being on the go all the time […]