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Ways to Bring Back Those Loving Feelings

After years of marriage a couple runs the risk of becoming more like roommates rather than romantic lovers. Household chores, caring for children, stress related to work, and dealing with finances can cause those loving feelings to dwindle over time if they aren’t addressed. Sometimes people don’t bother to try and rekindle those feelings after […]

Don’t Allow Electronics to Interfere with Your Marriage

We’re living in an age where we have electronic tools that were only dreamed about by past generations. Things we never thought possible have become part of our everyday lives. Within the past 15 years, the technological advances available to us have skyrocketed so fast that most of us can’t keep up. Many of these […]

Should You Tell People if You Are Experiencing Infertility Problems?

Infertility is a very private issue, however, when people are suffering with it, gaining support can be very important. So many couples wonder, should we tell anyone if we are having infertility problems?  There are certainly pros and cons to revealing this very intimate issue with others and there are steps couples can take to […]

The Dangers of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking can take a toll on your mood, your outlook on life, and your marriage. Some people are just more prone to negative thoughts, however, it doesn’t mean you are destined to think negatively your whole life. There are steps you can take to address your negative thoughts and improve the quality of your […]

3 Healthy Boundaries to Set With Your Parents After You’re Married

Parents and in-laws can play a big role in marital satisfaction. The boundaries you set, or don’t set, will impact your relationship in many ways. A lack of boundaries can certainly cause a lot of marital strife and sadly, can lead to divorce. There are lots of reasons why people don’t set boundaries with their […]

10 Important Things to Remember About Marriage

When it comes to relationships, there’s a lot of advice out there about what you should do differently or how you can make your divorce-proof your marriage. However, a lot of marital satisfaction has more to do with your attitude rather than anything else. Keeping your attitude in the right place can help you to […]

What to Do if Your Spouse has Depression

Depression can take a toll on a marriage. When one partner is depressed it certainly impacts the other spouse. There are things that you can do if your spouse is depressed to help maintain your own mental health and also help the marriage. Understand the Illness Try not to take your spouse’s depression personally. Sometimes […]

The Seven Stages of Marriage

There are lots of different theories about relationship phases and stages. The book, The 7 Stages of Marriage by Sari Harrar and Rita DeMaria is an excellent resource that really seems to grasp how marriage changes over time. It not only describes the changes but how to take action during each stage to ensure the […]

How Much Time do you Devote to Your Marriage?

How much of your time goes toward working on your marriage? It can be a hard question to answer. And more importantly, how much time is enough? Taking a look at your time management skills can be very helpful to your marriage, as well as other aspects of your life. Managing the demands of day […]