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5 Signs that You Should Speak Up to Your Spouse

Putting your spouse’s needs first can be a wonderful thing. It can show your desire to be loving and unselfish. It can really make a couple grow closer together. However, giving too much can be a slippery slope. When people give all the time without caring for their own needs, it can be damaging to […]

The Problems with Avoiding Conflict

Sometimes, avoiding conflict can become more problematic than dealing with the problem head-on. However, some people choose to avoid conflict for a variety of reasons. Over time, this can lead to lots of marital problems. Reasons People Avoid Conflict Sometimes people avoid conflict out of fear. They don’t want to upset their spouse. Perhaps they […]

Does Love Really Mean Never Having to Say Sorry?

There’s a saying that says “love means never having to say sorry.” That philosophy certainly isn’t based on conventional wisdom. It’s a fact that there will be times you will hurt your spouse’s feelings and your spouse is bound to hurt yours. Does loving your spouse mean you shouldn’t apologize for doing something hurtful? Perhaps because you […]

How to Set Boundaries with Adult Children

Setting Boundaries with Adult Children Adult children can actually wreak more havoc on your marriage than young children sometimes. When parents disagree on how much support to offer their adult children, it can result in feelings of hurt, anger, and resentment.

Are You Too Busy to Focus on Your Marriage?

Do you ever feel like you are being stretched too thin and as a result you don’t have time to focus on your marriage? If so, it can cause your relationship to slowly dissipate and can lead to a lot of marital problems. Devoting time and energy to your relationship is necessary to grow together […]

Should You Give up Friends of the Opposite Sex Once You’re Married?

It’s an age old question, can men and women just be friends? It’s been a widely disputed debate about whether or not it’s possible to have a strictly platonic relationship. And of course, the issue becomes especially complicated when you are talking about a married person. Should a married person have friends of the opposite sex or […]

Financial Boundaries Within the Marriage

Boundaries within the marriage are very important to the relationship. Determining what should be kept private between the couple versus what is told to the outside world makes a big impact. Finances are an issue that some people prefer to remain very private about, while other people don’t mind sharing some personal financial information. For […]

Breaking the Cycle of Passive-Aggressive Behaviors

There’s a normal push and pull in a marriage when each person tries to meet his own needs while also trying to meet his spouse’s needs. It’s a delicate balance when trying to do what is good for you but what is also good for the two of you as a couple. Sometimes, when people […]