Syndication Guidelines

All of our content is 100% original, and is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Summary content syndication through our RSS feed is allowed for personal use in feed reader applications and through Feedburner email subscriptions. Our RSS feed shows an introduction summary of the content and link to the article on our website.

Syndication of our content, either full, in summary, or quoted, on other websites, is allowed as long as the original URL of the article on is linked to and cited as the source of the article, summary, or quotation. The link must be a plain text, html, link back to the original article, clearly visible, and without a  “nofollow” html attribute applied. No javascript, flash, or image links are acceptable for source citation. The link must be placed in the main content section of the page, where the content is located (it can be underneath the content). If the content is split up onto more than one page, the source citation link must be on each page.

Syndication of our content through print, radio, or on television or other forms of media, must first be approved by us. Contact us through our contact form to request approval for any use other  those specifically allowed in the paragraphs above.