Office Romances Can Ruin More Than A Marriage 

Do office romances destroy marriages? Often, they don’t. What destroys a marriage is breaking off an office romance. When an office romance comes to an end, there is often tension in the workplace, especially if one person has broken off the relationship against the wishes of the other. This tension often boils over and effects workplace performances and the marriage at home.

Many a career has been broken due to an office romance that went sour. In fact, while the career has been destroyed, counseling may well be saving the marriage. Infidelity is a leading cause of marriage breakdown and often that infidelity involves a work colleague. It’s not surprising since we tend to spend a lot of life in the workplace.

I know many people would argue that not becoming involved in the first place would have saved the marriage – however, that is not necessarily true. In many cases, the marriage is already heading downhill – infidelity is just a symptom of those problems. What is true, however, is that careers are certainly safer if office romances are avoided.

Online forums can be a great place to discuss issues such as infidelity. I am often surprised at the number of people, particularly wives, who are ready to forgive and forget their spouse’s infidelity. While forgiving is understandable, talking to a marriage counselor is better than forgetting. As I stated previously, infidelity is often a sign of problems within a relationship, and these need to be addressed. For those contemplating an office romance – think carefully – it’s not only your marriage that you are putting at risk, it is also your career. Counselors can help you put your marriage back together, but no one can put your career back together.

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