What’s The Most Important Word In Any Relationship? 

We enter into a lot of relationships in our lives, not just those related to romance. Almost every relationship, including those involving romance, rely on one single word for survival. That word? Trust.

While many people would consider love the most important word in a marriage, no one has ever been able to really define it (the word love that is). Even if you could define love, trust would be an important component of the definition. So what’s the one action that can destroy any relationship? Breaching that trust, of course.

When it comes to marriage, a breach of trust can be very hard to recover from. This is especially true when it comes to infidelity. However, infidelity is only one area where trust is an issue. Anyone who has continually failed to deliver on promises will find that trust is very quickly lost – and once it has been lost, the marriage or relationship may follow closely behind.

Marriage counselors deal with loss of trust on a regular basis. It is one of the most common problems found when marriages are starting to decline. It is also a hard area for anyone, a marriage counselor included, to try and repair. They say that trust must be earned, however, when it comes to romance trust is often given freely when couples first come together and ‘click’. Of course, those who have loved and lost several times soon learn that trust must be earned – but even then, once earned, it is just as easily lost.

Trust holds most relationships together. If your marriage is suffering from a lack of trust, you may find it helpful to talk to a marriage counselor. Trust will need to be earned again before the marriage can move on and heal itself – however, without the guidance of a marriage counselor, you may never be in a position for that trust to be earned again.

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