10 Strategies to Improve Your Intimacy in the Marriage 

Emotional intimacy is important part of keeping a marriage healthy. When a couple increases their intimacy, they often find their communication improves and their conflict decreases. It’s never too late to start trying to work on your intimacy. Follow these strategies to help improve the intimacy in your marriage.

Schedule a Date Night

Date nights don’t schedule themselves. Although sometimes people think you have to be spontaneous in order to be romantic, some preparation and planning is more likely to secure a romantic date. Time can slip by sometimes without couples going on a date, despite their best intentions. The best way to increase the likelihood that you’ll go on a date is to schedule something in advance. Make reservations, write it on the calendar, or talk about going in order to increase the chances that you’ll follow through with going on a date together.

Focus on Your Partner

Find time to devote to your partner every single day. Provide your spouse with your undivided attention for at least 20 minutes per day. This means, turn off the television, don’t answer your phone, and shut off the laptop. Talk about your day, your life, and your plans together. Listen attentively and enjoy one another’s company.

Write Love Notes

Write some love notes for your partner. Put a note in his lunch, leave a love letter in his pants pocket or use a sticky note to post a special message on the bathroom mirror. These little reminders can make your partner feel loved.

Offer a Surprise Gift

Don’t reserve gifts for special occasions. Offer a small gift when your partner least expects it. This can offer a strong message that you care and that you are thinking of your spouse when you are apart. Gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. Instead, make them heart-felt gifts.

Offer Sincere Praise

Be quick to point out what your partner is doing well. Offer your words of appreciation and share positive affirmations frequently.

Try Something New Together

Engaging in a new activity can help keep the spark alive in a marriage. Consider taking a class together. Start a small business. Or volunteer together. Doing something new can help you stay active and can keep things fresh and exciting.

Double Date

Although the idea of double dating may not be what comes to mind when you think of intimacy, lots of studies show that double dating can be good for your marriage. Spending time with another couple who has a healthy relationship can help strengthen your bond as well. Consider adding a double date to your occasional date night schedule.

Plan an Overnight Trip

Getting out of the house for a night can do wonders for your intimacy. Escaping the household responsibilities can give you more time and energy to focus on one another. A change in scenery often does wonders for a couple. Plan an overnight trip in advance and you’ll likely find the anticipation and excitement also helps build your intimacy.

Increase Your Touch

Be affectionate with your partner. Don’t reserve touch for sexual activity only. Instead, hold hands during your daily activities. Give hugs and back rubs generously. Touch helps you to feel closer to one another.

Focus on Learning Something New About Each Other

Continue to be curious about your partner. When people date, they often ask each other a lot of questions. However, after marriage, couples often stop trying to learn about one another. Spend time learning about your partner’s growth throughout your marriage and ask questions about your partner’s hopes, goals and dreams so you can stay connected.

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