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Our Sense of Self

By Maria C. Ramos, MS. MFT When do we start losing our sense of Self? Is it when we join forces with our significant other? Or, is it when we become insignificant within our own families? Or, is it when we work under individuals who do not allow us to grow and improve our position […]

Impact of Technology on Marriages

Today’s fast-paced society can prevent married couples from spending quality time with one another.  We are faced with more distractions than ever before.  Increased technology often means more distractions.  Cell phones ring at dinner, emails get answered during the evenings, the radio plays while on car rides, and the television can be heard as background […]

Trust Within the Marriage

Trust is a very important aspect of any relationship.  Trusting your partner is essential to the marriage.  Having a sense of trust leads to increased feelings of security and overall marital satisfaction.  When partners do not trust one another, working together as a team becomes impossible. Sometimes people have difficulty trusting even if their partner has […]

Are Sports Ruining your Marriage?

Picture this: it’s Sunday. You and your significant other are talking about how to spend the day. He says, “we can do anything until 3pm, then I have to watch the game”. You respond, “But honey, I thought we could spend the day together. Maybe go to the park, or go out to dinner”. “No”, […]

Mental Illness – When One Partner Refuses Help

Statistics show that 26.2% of the adult population, and 13.1 % of children ages 8-15 have a diagnosable mental disorder.  Clearly, mental illness is a huge issue in the U.S., and living with someone who has mental illness can wreak havoc on a relationship. What should you do when you are married to someone who […]

Establishing Your Role As A Step Parent

Parenting is a hard job.  Step parenting can be even harder.  Blending two families can be a challenge and can be a strain on the marriage if problems are not dealt with appropriately.  Entering into a marriage with someone who has children means you are not just marrying a person, but you are getting a package […]

Is Staying Together “For the Kids” A Good Idea?

Many couples choose to stay in an unhappy marriage for their children’s sake, assuming that kids need an intact family to grow into happy, well adjusted adults. However, this isn’t always the best idea. Sometimes, staying in an unhappy relationship can have a negative impact on children. Regardless of age, children are keen observers. They have […]

Teamwork – Setting Goals Together in the Marriage

Establishing mutual goals can help a marriage feel more like a team effort.  Short term goals can help keep the relationship exciting and satisfying.  Long term goals can help couples clarify their values.  Creating goals can help each partner divide their time and money according to the plan.  Goals can also help improve communication as […]

The Strain of Infertility on a Marriage

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, and can put a strain on even the strongest of marriages. On the Today show last week,  Dr. Linda Applegarth was discussing a new study which found that women who were involved in some kind of emotional support group for infertility had a 50% greater chance of becoming pregnant […]

Determining If Marriage Therapy Can Help

Making a decision to start marriage counseling can be a difficult decision for many couples.  Couples can benefit from marriage therapy for a variety of reasons.  Many people wonder if couples counseling is right for them and their situation. Couples Counseling can help couples improve their communication.  Each person can learn skills to increase direct […]