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Does the Silent Treatment Work?

When angry, people sometimes offer “the silent treatment.” An angry mother-in-law offers it to their daughter-in-law, friends offer it to friends after a disagreement, and spouses sometimes use it against their spouse. But many ask the question, “Does it work?” The silent treatment should not be confused with taking a time out. If you feel too angry […]

Children with Asperger’s and Middle School

I’ve written several posts about working with younger children in the early grades of primary school.  I’d like to talk about Asperger’s kids and the middle school years. To refresh your memory, the period between around seven and puberty is called latency.  (I deliberately left out when puberty starts.  I will explain that shortly, and […]

Siesta Key: A Second Honeymoon that Won’t Break the Bank

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of whisking your partner away to a sun-drenched beach covered with cool white sands; a watery expanse trimmed by swaying palm trees and not too many people. But after shopping various travel sites, maybe you’ve decided that destinations that fit that particular description are simply too costly for your limited budget. […]

Are you losing Your Husband to Video Games?

Although both men and women can develop internet or gaming addictions, it seems that many more women are talking about their husbands playing video games constantly. Constant video gaming can lead to marital problems and sadly, in many cases, divorce. Gaming Addiction People can become addicted to video games in similar fashion that people become […]