Gaining Support To Deal with Infertility 

When a couple experiences infertility, a variety of emotions and problems can result. Sadly, many couples fail to maintain intimacy during this time.  They may feel isolated as they try to deal with this painful and personal matter. Seeking support is very important when dealing with infertility.

Infertility causes a lot of stress. Sadly, many couples aren’t comfortable sharing their grief with friends, family and co-workers. Sometimes people feel ashamed or embarrassed. Other people try to avoid thinking and talking about it.

Sometimes couples don’t even want to talk to their partner about it. This can lead to a breakdown in communication. This can lead to increased feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Romance can start to dwindle as a result of infertility issues. Sometimes sexual relations become more anxiety-provoking than pleasurable. This can lead to an avoidance of a sexual relationship. Other couples report that their sex life becomes more like work rather than pleasure as they start thinking more about biology and procreation rather than romance and passion.

Support is very important to a couple struggling with infertility. Support can come in many different forms. Individual therapy can help each person deal with their feelings and identify skills to help them cope.

Couples therapy is another option. This can help a couple identify problems that may be resulting from their fertility problems. It can assist with communication problems and can help couples learn how to relax and deal with the associated stressors. It can also help them figure out what steps they want to take to deal with their infertility.

Support groups can be another great resource. This can help couples meet other couples who are struggling with similar issues. It can help couples gain strength and allows them to talk to others who have experienced similar feelings.

Infertility can cause marital problems if issues aren’t dealt with as they arise. Don’t ignore problems if you are struggling with infertility. Instead, be open to seeking support from others.


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