What children need 

Take Time To Do:

Sometimes, as parents, we are so busy trying to focus on things we feel are necessary to make our children happy that we lose track of what really makes children happy.

Of course, we are subject to be guided by the latest trend in toys, electronics, cell phones, etc., but in reality, children need to feel love by their parents or caregiver.

Do you know what kind of love your children need? Do you even know what kind of love you also need?

Studies show that we really don’t demonstrate the form of love that “fulfills” the other person’s needs, especially children.

So, how do you start by identifying the type of love your child needs?

  • Listening to them – including facial expression & body language
  • Taking time to observing them – how they express themselves by doing, touching or  “verbiage” or by giving things to others (actions).

If you are able to identify which one is your child, then that is considered a language.

Areas We Need To Improve:

As adults, we are now conditioned to be automatic due to our responsibilities: work, study, homework, pets, social activities, etc. We are always on GO not thinking things through or pacing ourselves to get to know the needs of our children. We assume by providing for them that is enough. So, a lot of children do not develop self esteem or a good sense of self due to the misunderstanding of their parents intentions of providing them LOVE.

Maria C. Ramos, MS., MFT

Marriage & Family Counseling PA


There are lots of studies pertaining to showing love in the form a child or adults needs.

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