Can a Bucket List Improve Your Marriage? 

Many people talk about creating a bucket list that includes all the things they want to do before they “kick the bucket.” However, many people set out with individual goals they want to reach. Others resign themselves to the fact that they won’t ever reach the goals and dreams they once had and they consider it to be too late. However, it looks like creating a bucket list together as a married couple can actually be a good thing for your marriage.

The first reason a bucket list can save a marriage is because it prevents boredom. Boredom causes a lot of couples to divorce. Boredom can slowly erode away at a couple’s marital satisfaction. Fighting boredom is one of the best ways to keep the spark alive in a relationship.

The other reason a bucket list is helpful is that setting goals together can be very beneficial to a marriage. Working together on a goal helps bring out your teamwork and reinforces the idea that you’re partners working together. It also brings great satisfaction when you reach your goal together.

Talking about goals and dreams together can reinforce your emotional intimacy. Sometimes conversations about fun and exciting topics get lost in the daily shuffle of life. Those conversations are replaced with talk about household chores, financial issues, work, and child-rearing topics.

Create some excitement and sit down together to complete a bucket list. Trying new things together is one of the best things for a relationship. Discuss trying a new sport, travelling to a new place, and taking part in an adventure. Recognize your differences and discuss the goals you want to work on together as well as your individual goals. Talk about how you can be supportive of your partner’s goals that are different from yours. Be open to trying new things with your spouse and be willing to do some things that might not be on your own “bucket list.”

Once you’ve established a list, talk about how you could reach the goals. Pick the first one on the list that you want to accomplish. Then talk about the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen. Will you need to save money, do some research, or find the time? Then work together on checking things off the list and create excitement in your marriage.

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