Differences in the Male and Female Brain 

Scientists have discovered that there are differences in the male and female brain. There are differences in the way men and women process information and engage in problem solving. It’s helpful for people to recognize these differences as it can help explain some of those reasons for your partner’s behaviors.

Men and women process emotional experiences differently. Different parts of the brain are used to process emotions. This is why women sometimes remember emotional things more intensely than men do.

Sometimes men are blamed for being insensitive when they don’t recall a situation that was important to their female partner. However, studies show that when there is an emotional experience, women imprint this on their brain differently. Men’s brains do not imprint this information the same way. So a man may not remember an argument the same way and may not even recall some events at all.

Studies also show that men and women solve problems differently. This can result in differences in communication styles as well. Men tend to have a purpose to much of their communication. They may use communication to solve problems and offer solutions.

Women, on the other hand, often use communication to talk about daily experiences. They may talk about feelings and every day occurrences. They also tend to offer more emotional support and may want to be heard, without having the problem solved for them.

It’s important for men to understand their wives aren’t just “talking for no reason,” but to understand that this is how their brain works. It is helpful for them to communicate in this manner. It’s also important for women to understand that when¬†they share a problem with¬†their spouse, he may jump in to try and solve it immediately. It”s likely not in his nature to listen and offer emotional support only. So if women want just to be heard, it’s helpful to start out by telling your spouse, this is what you are looking for.

Understanding that there are biological differences can help each sex understand the other one a little better. Instead of trying to make your spouse more like you, recognize that your spouse is different. Your spouse’s biological make up creates differences that you can honor and respect when you understand how your spouse’s brain work.

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