Disagreements About Finances 

Many couples find finances to be a big source of stress.  It does not seem to matter how much money couples have, they often still disagree on how to spend it. Deciding how much money to save and how much money to spend can create problems when couples do not agree.

Avoid ignoring financial problems.  Sometimes one person, or both people, will avoid looking at the bills or avoid looking at the checking account because they are feeling overwhelmed.  Although it may increase your anxiety temporarily, it will help you in the long run. Trying to stay in the dark about your finances will not solve anything.  Face the reality head on, even if it is not good news.  You can work toward solving any financial issues if you don’t recognize the extent of the problem.

Talk with your partner about your financial goals.  Do you want to pay off your home early? Save for the college funds?  Or maybe one of you wants to go back to college?  Maybe you need to start looking at your retirement accounts? Or perhaps you just want to pay off some credit card debt.  Discuss your goals, hopes, and dreams with money.

Set some short-term and long-term goals.  Maybe your short-term goal is to purchase a new television or to be able to pay cash for some concert tickets.  A long-term goal might include a big vacation or paying off the house.  See where you and your partner can agree, and don’t be afraid to discuss the parts that you disagree on.

See if you can agree on a budget. This can be difficult when one person tends to be more thrifty. Discuss ways to cut spending and discuss what you think is worth splurging on a little.  Be open to talking with each other about your spending habits.  Be honest when you make some purchases and discuss bigger purchases with your spouse prior to making them.  If finances have become really stressful, consider talking to a counselor to help you learn how to manage your finances together.  Not addressing financial problems will not make them go ahead.  Instead, resentment builds and people sometimes resort to lying about their spending habits in an attempt to avoid arguing.

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