Grass Isn’t Always Greener 

Thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side can impact all areas of your life, including your relationships. Many people have the mentality that life would be better if… These sorts of thoughts can ensure that you will feel less satisfied with your current situation.

Some people think, “My life would be better if I were single.” These sorts of thoughts can be dangerous to a marriage. People sometimes daydream of divorce or separation. They envision themselves enjoying life as a single person by picturing having more money, more freedom and more fun. These thoughts can make being single seem tempting. 

Other people think their life would be better if they were married to someone else. Thinking back to your high school sweetheart or daydreaming about life with a co-worker romanticizes how wonderful life could be. This can make it seem like you would feel much happier if you had a different partner in life.

Other times people think that life would be better if their partner would change. If he’d stop being so lazy, if he treated me like Sally’s husband treats her, or if he made more money, life could be better. Or maybe he’s thinking, if she were sexier, nagged me less, and was nicer to me, I’d be happy with my life.

Such thoughts about the grass being greener tend to be inaccurate. You will have problems if you are single, with a different partner, or if your partner changed. Life will not magically get better if you simply get divorced. Instead, you’ll have a new set of problems along with some of the old ones.

Don’t waste time daydreaming about how life would only be better if…Instead, make changes to make your current life the best it can be. Often, some simple changes can help ensure that the life you are living can be a happy one. What can you do to make your marriage better? What can you do to make each day the best it can be? Take action in the right places and put energy into making positive changes in your life.

Acknowledge that although your life isn’t perfect, there are both good and bad aspects. When daydreaming about the grass being greener, it is likely you are only envisioning an ideal world without realistically viewing the difficulties that would also happen. Focus on the good aspects of your life and your relationship and take control over the aspects that you can change.

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