Is your Job Hurting Your Marriage? 

Like many Americans, you may be working at a job you don’t exactly love. In fact, you may hate it. But, you can’t complain-at least you HAVE a job- with benefits no less. The typical signs of job dissatisfaction aren’t too hard to recognize: alot of complaining, wishing you had a different job, looking for another job, etc. However, there are other less obvious signs you may not be as quick to recognize.

The following are some of the less apparent signs that you are more than just a little unhappy with your job:

  • Coming home from work tired, feeling depressed or beaten down
  • Feeling unmotivated at work or at home
  • Feelings of stress or tension
  • Increasing arguments at home and work
  • Increasing irritibility or anger
  • A desire to run away from it all

If any of those apply to you, it is important to sit down and talk it out-either with a spouse, friend, family member, or therapist. Dissatisfacation in your job can lead to major issues-including emotional and physical health concerns- and this can definitely lead to problems in your marriage.

If quitting your current job without another offer just isn’t an option for you, consider taking action by doing one or more of the following:

  • Always be on the lookout for your next job opportunity
  • Take some higher education courses to diversify your skills which could make you more marketable to other employers
  • When you’re not at work, make sure you are doing some enjoyable and relaxing
  • As mentioned above, talk it out

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