Creating Positive Memories for a Happier Marriage 

Creating positive memories throughout your marriage is very important. Relationships can be like a bank account. You can make any withdrawals unless you have made deposits. Deposits are the positive things that occur within the marriage. Withdrawals are the more difficult parts of the marriage. Creating positive memories makes deposits within the relationship bank.

When people reflect on how their relationship is with their spouse, they draw on memories. If someone only remembers arguing, conflict, and lack of communication, the person is going to feel as though their relationship status is poor. If you determine you have a bad relationship, you are less likely to work on the relationship and less likely to expect it to be anything but bad.

However, if someone recalls many positive, fun memories, the person is more likely to describe having a healthier relationship. This can be helpful so that during tough times, the person is more hopeful and is willing to work harder.

Your attitude about your relationship impacts your marriage on a daily basis. If you feel as though your relationship is unhealthy, you are less likely to respond positively when your partner makes a request. You are also less likely to give positive affirmations to your partner. You are also less likely to try and get your needs met in the relationship.  These sorts of problems can create more difficulty within the marriage.

Creating positive memories does not have to involve expensive and extravagant vacations. Instead, it might include going camping for a night, taking a walk, going for a canoe ride, hiking in a park, or even working on a home improvement project together. The goal is to enjoy each other’s company while doing something that is memorable.

Take turns finding ideas of activities you can do together. Consider the time and money that you spend doing these activities together as an investment in your relationship. Positive memories will add up to create a healthier marriage over time and give you a reason to work through the difficult times that are bound to occur in any marriage.

2 Responses to “Creating Positive Memories for a Happier Marriage”

  1. This is my philosophy exactly. With one tweak perhaps.

    I like to create happy memories for myself, not my partner, not my marriage but for me, My idea is that ‘I’ cannot be taken from ‘me’.

    The result is probably the same. It is just a different motivation.



  2. Ofcourse, Making memories is one way to maximize even the humblest effort to create a lasting sense of common identity and shared family heritage among the married couples.These moments of spending quality time together are wonderful relationship and dynamic building activities which makes the married life smoother.

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