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In case you’re looking for some free advice, and you haven’t yet made the decision to go forward with real therapy or marriage counseling, I want to introduce you to a website we started 4 years ago. Talk About Marriage ( was started so the public would have an open, supportive forum where they could ask for advice from others, and give advice as well.

As the webmaster for The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory, I realized that not everyone who finds our website is always ready to start therapy when they come to us. The fact is-

  • Sometimes we just need to have an anonymous person to bounce our problems off of
  • Or maybe we need an impartial listener
  • We might be too embarrassed to go to a family member or friend with our problems
  • Or maybe we don’t know anyone whom we could trust to give decent advice

That’s exactly why we started Talk About Marriage. We wanted to create a website where anyone could go, register for free, and post with an anonymous username to ask for advice or give advice to others facing similar problems.

That was 4 years ago.

Amazingly, today has turned into the largest online community focused on marriage advice. It’s not uncommon for people who post their problems to get many different points of view from people all over the US and from many different backgrounds. The community is friendly, supportive, well moderated, and even has a good sense of humor. It has far surpassed any of our initial expectations.

The Talk About Marriage community is very involved in self-help, professional counseling, and supporting each other on the site. There are people from many different backgrounds, both culturally and spiritually. Many of our members are actually involved in professional counseling while still utilizing the supportive community to help them work through the problems they’re facing.

Read what some of our members have said about their experiences on the site over the past few years-

–          “Here’s to you, and you, and you. All of you.To this site, and the people who have commented on my stuff, and the people who have shared their struggles. You have kept me from losing my mind on a day to day basis since I got here. We may never meet, but we share a bond. Thank you all for making it this far. Let’s finish this thing together. None of us is as strong as all of us, and you don’t charge me a $15 copay.”

Castingabout 2011

–          “I am so glad I came to this site – it has been really helpful – not least because I realise I am not alone with my problems. That is a big support. It has opened my mind to a few things and made me stronger as a person.”

Eli 2011

–          “I was searching on-line for help with my marriage when I found TAM. I read for hours and learned much about how to deal with my W’s failing affections and libido. You gave me tools to communicate with her and insightful posts for her to read and understand how I feel. She also wen’t to the Dr. and found out she had low vitamin D and depression. With medication, communication and your insight, we have turned our love life around. It’s almost like we’re in our 20’s again!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to receive genuine affection (she sent me a text just to say I love you and hugs me out of the blue) not to mention a huge kick to our sex life. I wrote this post to thank you all and let you know that you help others everyday. Thank you very much.”

Whatishisname 2011

–          “I wanted to say thank you to everyone here, who contributes and to those who keep this place going. I found this place at a low point in my marriage when I was blaming my spouse for everything going on with me. Since then through the boards and the criticism as well as the support, I’ve really gotten to a place where I hope to get the help I need as well as my marriage needs.”

Trenton 2011

–          “This site is becoming an integral part of our progress, growth and deveopment in our Journey towards discovering intimacy, reconnecting and improving our relationship and marraige. It has given us so much to discuss. It has opened our eyes and we have learnt we are not alone and not the only ones experiencing problems.”

55Kerolin 2010

If you’re looking for professional counseling, I always recommend it first and foremost. There is no substitute. While the forums can be a great place to find support, I think the most successful people at saving their marriages have used both professional help, self-help, and supportive communities like ours in conjunction with one another to achieve their goals.

Register today, and “Talk” away.


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  1. This is really great blog. I can work on myself, and in so doing I can greatly improve my happiness as well as my partner happiness.

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