The Power of Brainstorming 

Couples who struggle to resolve problems can benefit greatly from brainstorming. Although brainstorming was first invented for use in the business world, it has been found to be effective with relationships as well. Brainstorming can be used for a variety of issues and can ensure that both people are able to express their ideas.

Brainstorming can help you resolve a variety of issues. Examples include deciding where to go on vacation, how to handle financial problems, resolving issues about household chores, and parenting issues. It can assist with many day to day practical issues as well such as how to pick up the kids from school and get them to soccer practice on time when both partners have other obligations.

Talk to your partner about trying to brainstorm together. The benefits of brainstorming are that it allows both partners to offer some input. Two people can offer a lot more ideas than one person alone.

It also helps the couple identify there are many ways to solve a problem. Many people often jump to the first thing they think of when they resolve a problem. However, there’s usually a lot of potentially creative solutions to solve the same problem.

Set some brainstorming rules. Agree that when you are brainstorming you will just list your ideas. At this point, don’t judge or criticize any of the ideas. There are no bad ideas when you are brainstorming. Simply agree to list each and every idea, even if it doesn’t seem plausible at the time. Get creative and offer as many possible ideas as you can.

Write down each idea and when you have created a great list, then it is time to evaluate the ideas. Think about the potential pros and cons of each one on the list. Discuss what the outcome might be if you tried to resolve the problem using each one.

Then talk about which one seems to offer the best outcome. Discuss any concerns you may have and develop a clear plan. Make sure you decide who is going to take responsibility for each step and then go ahead and solve the problem. If it doesn’t work, agree to meet together again to find an alternative solution.

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  1. this is a very sound advice. Brainstorming can be very effective to find solutions to problems. Using brainstorming in relationships can be as effective as it is in business.

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