Knowing When To Quit Your Marriage 

Our recent posts have been very much on the positive side of saving marriages. If you read them, you will notice there is one thread that is common to all of them – and that is that a marriage can only be saved if both partners really commit to saving that marriage.

There’s a sad truth when it comes to relationships, you can’t make someone love you again. At the same time, you can’t force someone to trust again, especially if that trust has breached on numerous occasions. When this situation arises, it may well be time to take stock, and to decide that perhaps it’s time to quit the marriage.

This can be a hard decision, but if there is no chance of restoring a happy and healthy relationship, then you do need to make that decision. While marriage counselors spend most of their working life rebuilding relationships, they can be a great tool resource for those looking to amicably bring their relationship to a close.

If children are involved, this becomes particularly important. Amicable separations happen more often than most realize. We only see the bad ones on TV, especially when there is a lot of violence attached, or the couple are very wealthy and they are fighting over possession of everything (including the dog).

When a couple decide to end their marriage amicably, the whole process becomes much easier. For children, they are able to communicate freely with both parents without fear or favor. Counseling can help children understand why their parents have separated and what effect it will have on them.

Knowing when to quit a marriage is difficult. Doing something about it is even harder. Counselors are available who can offer advice and provide ongoing counseling to everyone involved. It’s pointless going it alone when there is advice available to help you.

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