Deciding Whether or Not to Seek Fertility Treatment 

The decision about whether or not to seek fertility treatments is never an easy one to make. There are lots of things to consider. A couple who is having difficulty conceiving should weigh their options before automatically pursuing treatments.

Sometimes the stress of not being able to conceive can take a toll on a couple. It can make conception more difficult. It can also contribute to relationship problems. This makes having to make a major decision about treatment even more difficult.

One major obstacle to fertility treatment can be the cost. Depending on which treatment you are pursuing, the cost can be very expensive. There can be indirect costs as well, such as missed time from work to consider.

The medical aspect can be another con to pursuing treatment. It is important to consider any potential side effects. Educate yourself on potential side effects prior to considering any options.

Seeking treatment can bring many emotional highs and lows as well. There’s often some increased anxiety, excitement, and potential disappointment associated with fertility treatments. Prior to beginning treatment, have a plan in place for how you will deal with this emotional roller coaster as a couple.

Dealing with social pressures is another important aspect to consider. Do you feel pressured by friends and family to have children? It’s never a good idea to hurry into anything because of social pressures, but especially whether or not to pursue fertility treatment.

Consider who you will tell you are pursuing treatment. If you choose not to pursue treatment, consider how you will respond to people when they ask you about your plans to have children. People sometimes have a curiosity that can cause them to ask probing questions and having a plan can help you only give answers you are comfortable with.

Before deciding on any options for yourselves, consider seeking therapy. A counselor can help ensured you’ve considered all your options. A counselor can also help you to deal with the emotional impact of the decision that you make.

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