Remembering Why You Picked Your Partner 

A few years into your marriage, you may not be feeling the warm fuzzy feelings toward your partner as often as in the past. This is normal. As the relationship develops, a deeper more meaningful sense of love grows.

Some people mistake this deeper sense of love with boredom. It’s likely that early on in the relationship you couldn’t sleep, felt emotional highs and wanted to be with your partner all the time. When these feelings fade, reality starts to set in.

You may feel less excitement when you see your partner after being apart. You may experience more irritation and frustration with your partner. And you might not have that same “in love” feeling.

During this time, it is especially important to remember why you got married in the first place. What drew you to your partner? What made you want to get married? Remembering these things can help remind you of all those wonderful reasons you picked your mate.

Maybe you fell in love with her sense of humor. Or maybe it was her intelligence and her ability to manage stress so effectively. Or maybe she had a smile that melted your heart. Sometimes, these things can slowly dissipate as you get busy with life. You might start to forget about all those little things that were so important to you in the beginning of the relationship.

Remembering all those reasons that made you pick your partner, can help improve your relationship. Thinking more positive thoughts about your partner can help you to have more positive feelings. It can also help you to keep things in perspective when you are considering the status of your relationship.

Take time each day to remind yourself why you picked your spouse to be your life partner. This reaffirmation can help you to confirm that you made the right choice and reassure you that you have a good partner. Focusing on the positive can improve your mood and make you a better partner as well.

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