Which Marriages Are Worth Saving? 

One of the questions many couples ask, or at least one half of a couple ask, is whether or not their marriage is worth saving. There is a relatively easy answer to that question. Imagine how your relationship was to begin with – do you want that back? If the answer is yes then in most cases the marriage is worth saving.

There are some situations where saving a marriage is going to be difficult. If physical or emotional abuse is an ongoing issue, then that must first be addressed. If it cannot be addressed, then the relationship can not be saved. It’s a frank answer – but then the truth has to be frank. As a couple, you have to be frank with each other, and with your counselor. Do you both really want to save your marriage? If the answer is yes – then it can be saved and with some dedicated effort on your behalf, it will be saved.

Recapturing what you had is not as difficult as it may seem. Sure, you are older and your lifestyle will be very different now. There may be children around that could cramp your emotional freedom – but that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Where children are involved, we often recommend farming the children off to friends or relatives for a weekend and taking a romantic escape – it can work wonders.

Which marriages are worth saving? The marriages where both partners can remember what it was like in the beginning, and who both want to return to those heady days. Of course, we can’t replicate those days entirely, but we can bring back many of those feelings you once had.

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