Help – I’m Drowning – I’m Being Smothered By Love 

I know there are some people who say “I wish,” but there are some people for whom this issue is a real problem – they feel they are being loved too much. This can feel like you are being smothered, and while a little bit is good for a relationship, there does come a time when enough is enough. How then do you handle a situation where your partner is smothering you in love?

Smothering is actually a sign of insecurity. The rationale is that if that person showers you with love and affection, you’ll never have a cause to doubt them and never have a reason to leave them. Of course, it never dawns on them that their smothering activity could destroy the relationship. Smothering can also be a control issue whereby the smotherer is really using their actions to control yours – and that is why some feel like they are drowning; they feel they have no free will.

While smothering is a problem that starts with insecurity, it is also a problem that has been allowed to develop by the person being smothered. If they had put a stop to the practice early in the relationship, then it may not have developed into a full blown oppressive type of smothering. Of course, it’s hard to be critical – everyone loves attention, and we all pile it on early in a relationship, but we do need to know when to say enough is enough.

If you are in a relationship where you are being smothered in love, seeking the help of a counselor is vital if your relationship is going to be a success. Insecurity is a problem which, over time, can lead to irrational thoughts and actions that make smothering look insignificant. Counseling can help everyone in the relationship deal with any insecurities while building communication tools to deal with issues as they arise. Are you being smothered by love?

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  1. I surly am but ignored it because I could not identifiy the term where I feel like I get too much love where it restricts my freedom and controls my actions to the point I have no free will.

    Sometimes I feel like I am going to be closed in since if I try to talk it the situaiton just turns into arguments where I always wind up surrendering my free will and/or I lose and face a broken pride then the problem still exists. 🙁

    The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that any spiritual beings that placed me here with harmful intentions will receive FULL justice when their personal judgement day comes for deception and any other misc crimes.

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