When Did You Last Review Your Priorities? 

This may sound like a strange question when it comes to relationships and marriages – but when did you last review your priorities? If I asked you to write down your priorities for this year, what would be on your list? It’s very rare to see any reference to a marriage or relationship in a list of priorities – I wonder why?

A few questions there to get your gray matter ticking over. We often include things like acquiring a home, or refinancing; buying a new car; getting little Johnny into a private school; or perhaps even changing careers. What should be at the top of every list is working on building a stronger relationship with your partner.

Relationships, whether formalized in marriage or just good friends, take a lot of hard work to maintain. Problems arise when people let their relationship just drift, thinking it will look after itself. Sometimes it does although those relationships often appear a little lifeless.

Of course, there are many marriages out there where one or both partners work at their relationship without even thinking – because they truly care everything seems to come naturally. They are the fortunate couples, the couples you see still happy together 60 years down the track.

If you feel your relationship is not really going anywhere, is perhaps feeling a little stale, then take a moment to sit down and reassess your priorities. Perhaps that new car can wait a few months longer while you both take a romantic escape for a weekend, or a week. Put your relationship at the top, and often those other priorities become easier to achieve.

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